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Latest Update – 11/3/08: Please go right to the source…Zogby

Update – 11/2/08: After a one-day blip on Halloween polling, where McCain beat Obama by 1%, the pendulum swings back, and Obama is in the lead by 10% (ten percent) in one day polling. Story at Rolling Stone: here.

Update – 11/1/08:Latest 3-day poll results are: here. NOTE: From what I understand, Zogby is doing 3-day tracking polls, where the 3-days together make it a scientific poll. But, some news outlets, including Drudge report (which I won’t link to because it has foul stories) and this Post Chronicle link I will give (which has a lot of ads) have focused on the fact that on Friday-only, McCain was ahead of Obama by 1 percentage point.Though, I think in everything that are normal “results”, Obama is still ahead, because the results happen based on the cycle of 3 days.

Update – 10/31/08: Latest Zogby Tracking Poll is here. Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney is showing up at .1%. Glad she is in the mix. Hope she gets a bump on Election Day.

Another update – 10/30/2008: Think this is what you might be looking for: Latest Zogby Poll posted at Independent Political Report here.
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Previous Update – Reuters/C-Span/Zogby results reported on 10/28/08: Looks like they’re getting scared of us Greens. Think they started leaving former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney out of their presidential poll (though, it’s hard to tell if it is just the way the results get reported in the mainstream press.)

Anyway, if you were looking for the most current polling, I found it for you in an article at the Boston Globe. Summary below and full story here of the Reuters/C/Z. And….another darned poll with no Cynthia!!! the Pew Research Poll is over here.

Below is a summary of the Reuters/C/Z icky and inconclusive results. Results which mean nothing because they left out the reality of some of the candidates on the ballot! Results which mean nothing because they left out the beautiful reality of our strong, black, woman leader who is on the ballot! – KW

Boston Globe reports on 10/28/08 that, in polling done 10/25-10/27 by Reuters/C-Span/Zogby:

John McCain (Republican) is at 45%

Barack Obama (Democrat) is at 49%

Ralph Nader (Independent) is at 1%

Bob Barr (Libertarian) is at 1%

Undecided is at 3%

If anyone has access to different or more specific results from this poll (which I think are sometimes available to subscribers) please contact us here at votewilder at yahoo dot com. We would love a link to a more thorough story, or someone to tell us if there are results for more candidates.

Kimberly Wilder

from Indepenent Political Reports
Zogby: Barr 3.7%, Nader 1.0%, McKinney 0.6%

September 28th, 2008

An online Zogby poll of 2,102 likely voters nationwide (+/- 2.2%) shows Libertarian Bob Barr at 3.7% in the presidential race, with independent Ralph Nader at 1.0% and Green Cynthia McKinney at 0.6%. Barack Obama is at 46.4% to John McCain’s 43.4%. The five-way survey did not include Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin or other third-party candidates.

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