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    Green Party Peace Sign Bumper Sticker
    The Green Party has continually opposed entry into war and has consistently called for the immediate return of our troops, in stark contrast to the Democratic and Republican parties.
    Today we march, tomorrow we vote Green Party.

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    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? eBook on Amazon

    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? eBook

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Come into my parlor said Obama to the hippie…

Summary: Be strong. Be of good purpose. Come to the actual PEACE EVENT across the street from Hofstra on the day of the presidential debate. (And, demand an end to ALL war.)

And…if you know any musicians, ask them to come to the south side of Hempstead Turnpike and play music for us, the actual, genuine, protesters and peace movement.

Come into my parlor said Obama to the hippie…

I hope that the peace community and the wilderside audience is well aware that Barack Obama is FOR war with Afghanistan. Ian and I were at a presidential forum in Huntginton where Obama’s spokesperson made that quite clear. Please know that saying YES to Obama now, is saying YES to war with Afghanistan, saying YES to war as a strategy. A country, its land and people are being decimated, and Obama wants us to do more of that.

Luring people with shiny images of war

One day, a hummer. Another day, a hippie band: Luring people with shiny images of war

So, I was surprised, but also gravely disappointed, to hear that some famous musical acts will be playing a free concert as part of an Obama rally over in Nassau County on the day of the Hofstra Presidential debates. I mean, they have people with credibility, people who you think of as the ultimate hippies, willing to go and lure the peace activists from the peace protest in front of the debate, down the road to a huge concert supporting WAR and supporting WAR CANDIDATE Barack Obama.

The strategy reminds me of an image from my weekend. I went to the Huntington Fall Festival (or, as they call it, the Long Island Fall Festival.) The festival had carnival rides, yummy food, community organizations sharing information, a busy playground, and then, in the middle of all this…an elaborately painted, tripped up Hummer vehicle, parked outside the art museum, to lure people over to the Marines. Worse, to lure young people over to the Marines, such as the 4 or 5 year old girl I saw looking it over with her dad, and the young boys that our military recruits for its cause at festivals like this.

Also at the festival, I met Suffolk County Legislator Jon Cooper, the local Obama organizer, who had defended war in Afghanistan at the presidential forum, and was there explaining it to me again in the streets of Huntington. At the Fall Festival, Jon Cooper didn’t stand by the tripped out hummer. At the Fall Festival, Jon Cooper worked the Obama table, where young people and adults stood hocking their “peace candidate.” There was even a teenage girl with an Obama “peace” t-shirt.

The man voted to fun the Iraq War. Barack Obama wants to continue, and possibly increase the War in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is ravished as it is. Afghanistan did not do anything to the United States. At best, one can say Osama Bin Laden is hiding there. But, that is not even a certain thing. And, you don’t make a war on a country to find one criminal hiding there.

So, at the festival last weekend, Jon Cooper kept a healthy distance from the Hummer. Jon Cooper didn’t have to stand next to the latest flashy toy designed to put a shiny face on war.

But, Jon Cooper has a better flashy toy. Somehow, Jon Cooper and Barack Obama got folk music heroes from a different  era’s peace movement to come play music for Barack Obama in Nassau County. And they will play at the same time as–but down the road from–the peace demonstration. What a cynical game. While the peace community stands outside of Hofstra from 4:30 to 6pm, Jon Cooper and Obama will be holding Woodstock II from 3:00 to 7:00pm, on the other side of town. They will be using music to encourage people to vote for war candidate Barack Obama. Maybe the hummer will be there for extra entertainment? (Probably not, I think they are more subtle than that.)

If you know any musicians who genuinely care about peace, consider inviting them to the south side of Hempstead Turnpike on Wednesday, October 15th. Across the street will be the debates with the two war party candidates who have squeezed any third party or peace message out of the debate and off the stage. Down the street will be musicians and bands you would love to hear, who are being used by one of the war candidates to lure you to his side of town. Standing outside of the debate, with messages of varying urgency will be people who genuinely care about peace, so much so that they are not impressed by celebrity rockers, or painted up Hummers. Just standing there, in the right place, demanding peace. Hope that is where you will be.

Information is at the bottom about the genuine peace rally, where some people will also carry “Open the Debate”, “No Nuclear” signs and other signs to reveal the fraud of the exercise taking place across the street. The exclusive, corporate funded, two-party only debate, which is designed to smother democracy, stifle dissenting voices and avoid important issues, but do so with a great sense of importance, ritual, and aesthetic appeal.

Where to stand to PROTEST war candidates Barack Obama and John McCain, outside the Hofstra debate:

4:30 pm to 6pm: Gather and line up on the south side of Hempstead Turnpike starting from Uniondale Avenue and spreading west toward California Avenue and Oak Street.

Parking available on side streets south of Hempstead Turnpike
Signs will be available or bring your own.

The message of the main organizers does not specifically ask for an end to the War in Afghanistan, so your sign will have to. The message of the organizers does not include the message “Open the Debates”, though many Green Party members, Cynthia McKinney supporters, and Nader fans will be there with that message.

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  1. According to a poll published in Newsday today (10/14), the majority of Long Islanders want troops pulled _out_ of Afghanistan, as well as Iraq.

    Just another example of neither of the major party candidates representing the people’s wishes.

    And another example of a point of view that will be excluded from the Hosftra debate tomorrow.


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