Video of Hofstra Debate Peace Demo & Free Speech Zone


A variety of images from the peace demonstration surrounding the 10/15/08 Presidential Debate at Hofstra University. This is from the early afternoon, and has footage of a LI Veteran for Peace (LIVFP) speaking from the Public Area/Free Speech stage. Also includes various partisan and non-partisan activists: Cynthia McKinney supporter Ian Wilder; musician Johnny Phillips; Sister Jeanne Clark; LIVFP Camillo Mac Bica; and a cameo by a Brooklyn Green. For local information on the 2008 Green Party Presidential Campaign of Cynthia McKinney, go to: Or, for the national campaign, go to:

For more info and a radio program about what happened later, when other veterans against the Iraq War and civilian demonstrators were arrested and abused by police, and trampled by a police horse, go: here.

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