Nevada Poll: Cynthia McKinney at 1%

Kimberly’s poll-watching observations: Earlier in the campaign, more polls and poll reports seemed to be including Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney. McKinney was polling at .1% to .3% in the earliest polls. Then, there seemed to be a rise to about 1%. Now, closer to the race, when McKinney has had time to build national name-recognition, and when more voters might be turning to third parties, polls and/or poll reports seem to be leaving McKinney out. I believe it might be because the powers-that-be are fearful that McKinney is gaining steam and could be making a stronger showing. So, I am eager to see the real poll–election day.

Another observation is that in many polls, Nader shows a strong lead over Barr and McKinney. But, in other polls, Barr seems to have a lead over Nader. Some of the difference may be state-to-state. Though, I think that the numbers are still very unpredictable at this point. And, probably even less accurate since many of the third party candidates total numbers are within the “margin of error” number. -KW


( – BOSTON – Barack Obama has opened up a 10-point lead over John McCain among likely voters in the key battleground state of Nevada, according to a Suffolk University poll released today.

With just one week to go before the Nov. 4 election, Obama (50 percent) leads McCain (40 percent). The double-digit spread is a marked switch from just over a month ago, when a Suffolk University poll found a virtual dead heat between the two candidates in the Silver State. It’s the first Nevada poll this year to find a double-digit lead for Obama…

Other candidates in the presidential race backed by Nevada’s likely voters include Bob Barr (2 percent); Cynthia McKinney (1 percent); and Ralph Nader (1 percent)

The economy (41 percent) remains the most important issue among respondents, with taxes (12 percent) second and health care (11 percent) third…

The Suffolk University poll was conducted Thursday Oct. 23 through Monday Oct. 27. The margin of error on the study of 450 is +/- 4.6 percent at a 95 percent level of confidence. All respondents from the Nevada statewide survey were likely voters…Marginals and 135 pages of cross-tabulation data will be posted on the Suffolk University Political Research Center Web site –

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