Cindy Sheehan for Congress (against Nancy Pelosi): Doing good…

Updates: It is Nov 5th, 2008. I heard that Nancy Pelosi won, but Cindy Sheehan got 17% plus of the vote. Pretty good showing!

Also, wilderside commentary on what next for Cindy Sheehan is: here.

Two articles: 1. Radio show call-in to Nancy Pelosi and 2. Celebrity endorsements

Cindy Sheehan gets 40 Seconds to speak to Nancy Pelosi
by Robert B. Livingston

Cindy Sheehan did not agree to be on the radio on a candidate forum with Pelosi, because Pelosi got 30 minutes, and all challengers were supposed to share 30 minutes together. But, Cindy called and asked a good question. Story is here.

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Celebrities Endorse Cindy Sheehan Over Pelosi
by Bob Cusack

Cindy Sheehan has been endorsed by: Sean Penn, Melissa Etheridge, Willie Nelson, Roseanne Barr and Martin Sheen.

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Cindy Sheehan
is running for Congress in California. Cindy is known as the “Peace Mom”, who held the peace vigil, Camp Casey, for her son who was killed in the Iraq War. Cindy is running against the Speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, because Nancy Pelosi would not impeach Bush, and allowed the Democrats to continue to fund the illegal War in Iraq.

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