Malik Rahim for Congress: Midday update

Update: 12/7/08: Anh “Joseph” Cao (Republican) won. Malik Rahim  got at least 3%.  The update on Wilderside is: here.

Note that the polls close in Louisiana at 8pm. Louisiana is one hour behind east coast time. So, look here at the Wilderside shortly after 9pm EST for possible results or exit poll info.

Good news in just the title of the latest AP story. There are pages of google news articles from media outlets that published the AP headline:  “Indicted Louisiana congressman tries to get re-elected” (That refers to Malik’s opponent, the Democrat incumbent who is facing corruption charges, partly for having $90,000 in cash in his refrigerator.)

The other good news in the AP article is that turnout is low. That should help the chances of all the challengers, including Malik Rahim. That’s because the person to beat is the incumbent, because he is in the party with the highest enrollment, and has the benefit of incumbency, so low turnout is bad for his chances.

The AP reports: “By midday, voter turnout was light.”

Malik Rahim is the Green Party candidate. Malik is a co-founder of Common Ground Collective, a grassroots organization which helped in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Malik is running on a platform of environmental peace and justice. He also advocates rebuilding Charity Hospital.

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