News, rumors, photo and speculation about Governor Blagojevich situation

Blagojevich (l) and Emanuel (middle)

Archival: Blagojevich (l) and Emanuel (middle)

Thoughts from various places:

-My first thought was that maybe all of this was just some angle of someone in politics who realized that one person, Governor Blagojevich, had the power to fill a Senate seat, and that person realized the only way to fill the seat themselves was to take out Blagojevich.

-On a Green Party list-serve, someone suggested that this could be less about corruption, and instead be related to the fact that Governor Blagojevich was recently doing something good – supporting the strikers in relation to the Republic Windows and Doors sit-in. Was this a way to fight a strike by striking a pro-labor politician? (Article from the day before the Governor was arrested is: here.) (Of course, the Governor could have been trying to do something good and be in the spotlight to cover for what was going on…one never knows in politics…)

-The Green Party of Illinois’ perspective is that everyone knew of this governor being corrupt for many years. Also, that the public must look past just the Governor and also reform the system so that this doesn’t happen again. The Green Party of Illinois put out their own statement: here. Update: A new statement by Green Party Governor candidate Rich Whitney is: here.

-Some news reports are stating that Obama’s new Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, was the person who tipped off the FBI to Blagojevich’s corruption. As elected officials in the same state, Emanuel and Blagojevich have worked on many projects and bills together, as illustrated by the photo above.

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