Baton Rouge is completely covered in SNOW!!!! -so is New Orleans

Title above, and e-mails below posted by some Louisiana Greens in response to the latest weather there. See our wilderside video here and at the bottom of this post. (Just 3 min and 30 seconds, though we accidentally left in some blank space at the end!)

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Baton Rouge is completely covered in SNOW!!!!-so is New Orleans

Its been snowing for over an hour in the French Quarter. Big wet flakes and its accumulating on the rooftops.

Haven’t seen this much snow since the winter of 89 in NW Florida.

Very nice if you don’t have to go out in it.

This has been the coldest early December in the South that I can remember.

Its not just global warming thats happening but general instability in the world’s climate. Higher highs, lower lows, bigger storms.

Looking at just the averages desn’t really tell the whole story.

The causes are industrial pollution aggravated by nuclear testing and other massive attacks on our eco system by our profit before anything else world economic system.

Time for a new system.

Les xxx (more local comments below)

Baton Rouge is completely covered in SNOW!!!!
> Hell has frozen over….the most I have seen  in 45 years
> down here..
> Peace from Ward

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There is a news article with photos at Associated Content: here.

Our wilderside video about snow in New Orleans:


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