Al-Zaidi: As his wounds fester, my anger grows…

Post with links to petitions for Al-Zaidi are: here.

KW: As some of you may have noticed, my activism is motivated largely by anger at injustice. Previously, in regards to the War in Iraq, I had an attitude mostly of  “war is bad, end the war” and was abstractedly angry that women and children and civilians were being harmed, and some anger at our elected officials in the US for voting for war. Before, I perceived Iraq as where the assault was occuring, and did not even think of the people and government officials inside Iraq allowing it to happen. I saw all of Iraq as victims.

With the governmental beating, and sustained hiding from view of Muntadhar Al-Zaidi, the eloquent shoe-thrower, my anger is beginning to lead me to questions about the people and elected officials inside Iraq. Who is this man Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki of Iraq, who would have George Bush as a “guest”? How could Prime Minister al-Maliki stand there next to George Bush the war criminal and killer of Iraqu people, smiling, and acting is if George Bush was a dignitary? As if George Bush represented the American people? Surely someone who is smart enough to become Prime Minister knows enough about current affairs to know that George W. Bush stole both elections. And, that George Bush has shamed the American people so much he is at the dregs in public opinion polls. How dare Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki suggest that man represent ME!

I applaud recent artistic and activist events to support the symbolic acts of putting shoes before George W. Bush. I want to see more of what to do next to demand that Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki and the Iraqi government produce Al-Zaidi, for the world to see his condition.

Al-Zaidi should be freed. He has suffered enough, even if there was any mistake in the velocity at which he threw those shoes.

A recent story suggests that the goon security of Bush and/or al-Maliki may have harmed Muntadhar’s eye, and that Muntadhar may become blind.

Story is: here.

What can we do to free Muntadhar Al-Zaidi? What will Barack Obama do to make sure that Al-Zaidi is brought before the world community in order to assure his health and fair treatment?Will there be repercussions for any U.S. Secret Service agents who may have participated or condoned the beating of Muntadhar Al-Zaidi? Will Barack Obama retain any such Secret Service agents?

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  1. Ask Barack Obama NOW. What has he done /is doing to ensure that Al Zaidi will be alive by the time he takes office?

    “I think we’ve got a unique opportunity to reboot America’s image around the world and also in the Muslim world in particular,” Obama said on Dec. 9, reported the Chicago Tribune (,0,4677261.story)

    Al Zaidi’s brother has reportedly asked the Red Cross for a medical evaluation.

    Iraqi Red Cross – Mr Hisham Hassan
    Red Cross Geneva – Ms. Dorothea Krimitsas



    You are the Hero

    Muntadhar Al-Iraqi

    Muntadhar Al-Universe

    SHOEicide is the symbol of Liberty

    You have shown us the way

    You are a journalist, teacher and writer

    You have left an indelible MARK

    You are brave, spiritual and protect weak

    You flogged a dead horse

    The echo was heard world over

    You have the bark and the bite

    Soon, you will be the PRESIDENT

    Long Live You

    Long Live Freedom

    We are with you

    Code PINK: Carry On

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