Well-known professor publishes book on ballot access laws

Below is an article about a new study about how the Democratic Party and Republican Party work together in government to stifle and exclude third party participation. Thanks to Ballot Access News for always being on top of ballot access issues and dialogues.

(excerpt from) Ballot Access News:
Well-Known Economics Professor Publishes Book Blasting Restrictive Ballot Access Laws
December 28th, 2008

Professor James T. Bennett has just published “Stifling Political Competition: How Government Has Rigged the System to Benefit Demopublicans and Exclude Third Parties.” The publisher is the prestigious Springer Company… Springer has published over 150 Nobel prize-winners. Professor Bennett is an Eminent Scholar at George Mason University and holds the William P. Snavely Chair of Political Economy and Public Policy in the Economics Department. He is the founder and director of the Journal of Labor Research.

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