Inauguration coverage: Glen Ford of Black Agenda on Democracy Now!

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Glen Ford is the editor of Black Agenda Report. Amy Goodman notes that he has been a critic of Barack Obama. Glen Ford gave very positive coverage of Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party candidate for President.

Glenn Ford confessed that it was easy for even himself to get caught up in the kind of “Mecca for African Americans” that was this day of Inauguration for a black president.

Then, Mr. Ford gave his concerns about President Obama’s plans and speech. Including that Ford thinks that Barack Obama has put cutting social security on the table as something to be considered. And, Ford thinks that it is wrong that Obama puts that one the table, when pro-social security forces had won.

To get to the meat of the concerns about Obama, you will want to follow Black Agenda Report.

Note: I am a disability advocate, and I have been taught “people first” language. So, instead of an “austist boy”, you would say, “a boy with autism.” I think it is so profound that Alice Walker says that we should not talk about people who are “slaves”, we should say “enslaved people.” That is a very good language justice to correct. That is a great way to put slavery in perspective and realize that it could have happened to us.

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  1. oboma is a symbol of hope,a challenge to the black community and has left an impression that all things are possible through anybody-whether black or white,africa or asis.

  2. It’s funny how blacks and whites who are fixated on racial equality are actually the biggest bigots of all. Nothing is ever good enough and race is always the issue for them. A Majority of blacks have grown so comfortable with the false sense of entitlement bestowed upon them that they refuse to take any personal responsibility for their actions, always falling back on the old race card. We are all in the same boat people, black and white, asian, latino…it doesn’t matter. There will always be racism. Some whites will hate blacks and just as many blacks will hate whites, and so on down the line. The “black agenda” is akin to the same sort of agenda laid down by white supremacy groups, but its politically acceptable if you are black. The NAACP is such a laugh. All this hypocrisy. Where is the NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White People)…that’s right, it doesn’t exist because blacks would cry racism. See people, equality means equality, not special rights for your people at the expense of others. Black folks, you cry discrimination but you have become the ones who discriminate more then whites now. And stupid white folks let you get away with it. You can’t have it both ways forever cause people are bound to wake up and say enough is enough. Step Up and be equals on your own merits and abilities, otherwise, if you can’t do this then maybe you are not eguals at all. Just dependents on a system you think has wronged you.

    • Tyler,

      We’ve always had a “National Association for the Advancement of White People” It’s all our institutions. Governments. Colleges. Schools. Corporations. Most White people are so used to their white Privelege, they don’t even see it.


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