Inauguration: Ladies and gift giving

“…and then the ladies follow behind”

Overheard on C-Span as they describe the order of the cars in the motorcade to the swearing in. I suppose that when human beings and even modern families get together, there is a sense of “the boys” and “the girls” or “the men” and “the ladies”. But, the phrase sounded awkward in light of the Democratic primary, and the woman who did not get picked for President.

I now saw the image of both Bushes meeting both Obamas. It was funny, and C-Span noted on it gently, that Michelle Obama handed Ms. Bush a gift as soon as they all met on the porch. Wonder if that was a faux pas.  I think so, because Ms. Bush hid the present behind her as people snapped a photo. But, I guess it would be difficult to think of the proper way to do the handoff. And, I saw as they all walked into the room together Ms. Bush hand the gift across to a staff member. Interesting vignette.

On the fashion: Mrs. Bush had on the most plain outfit anyone could. A two-piece suit skirt in the color of gray. I will give her that it was a delicate, light-bluish gray. I think Mrs. Bush is usually pretty plain, and it was probably nice of her to not outshine Michelle Obama in any way.

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