Inauguration Watch: The embarkment of the motorcade

More live blogging from one green’s perspective:

KW: Can’t help but notice the beautiful and imposing tree on the White House lawn, that watches over the sleek, black limos and their flashing lights.

Interesting how the characters went over two-by-two with their counterparts.

Lynne Cheney seemed to be exuding friendship and that kind of cozy, aristocratic friendliness as she walked out of the White House. She was the only one kind of chatting her way through the day.

I noticed how Joe Biden called over to the staff “Chilly, huh?” In a cordial manner.

It was interesting to see Dick Cheney in the wheelchair, and how that had to be handled. When someone is in a wheelchair, there is an automatic instinct to feel some empathy, and to want to help. So, I may not be the only person who felt my first-ever pang of empathy for Dick Cheney. I also saw the big ramp they needed for his wheelchair. I wonder if that is always there. Hope it is, and that our White House is accessible.

When George Bush walked Barack Obama out of the White House, and they both smiled together, it was also probably the first time I ever had an ounce of like for George Bush. I am thankful that manners and tradition and national security have inspired the Republicans to be so nice to the new First Family.

(Interruption: my Democratic Party/DSA friend calls to say something about “Peter Pudding Head.” I don’t know what that means, so I hope it is not insulting to anyone…)

Also, I am so excited about how people feel about Obama. He is like a beloved celebrity. People are hooting and hollering when they get a chance to see him. (I think he could have walked the whole way and been okay. But, yes, it is all nerve-wracking on some level.)

I remember at the Un-auguration of George W. Bush in 2001, that the pro-Bush shouts were from wealthy Republicans and Texans. So, there was not a real festivity in the air. Even the happy shouts were kind of yucky and elitist and jaded. Lots of fur coats and Texas hats and sneering at demonstrators (who were a sizeable amount of the crowd.)

People do like Obama. A majority voted for him. And, a lot of people are really happy for him. His approval ratings on how he is handling the transition are high.

So, I hope that Obama takes the energy and power of this adoration and puts it to good use. Today is a very happy day. It is nice to see people feeling a sense of pride, unity and happiness. The Obama’s are young and fresh and engaging. So, nice to have a friendly day.

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