Some non-violent revenge on Bernie Madoff

Bernie Madoff did something very wrong. He stole resources from people. He stole resources from charities and foundations that affect people in need. Though, he is now out on bail, living in his fancy apartment in New York City. What should a peace activist, who believes in non-violence, wish for Bernie Madoff? Perhaps, a fair and speedy trial with some time in jail (or is jail an extension of violence?). Well, since it seemed that a lot of Bernie Madoff’s motivation was pride and ego, perhaps a little humor and humility might be appropriate.

You should really watch the video below. It is very hysterical, pretty insightful, with a few ideas that will send you scratching your head. I am not sure I agree with all the ideas. Though, this is what happened when our local peace group, PeaceSmiths, Inc., invited folks to discuss “How-To End The Wars And Create A Non-Violent Society”. Someone picked “economic justice” as his theme.

First there’s a quick intro. Then, a song about bankers and bailouts. And, in the middle, an improv skit called “An Evening At Home With The Madoffs.” With guest appearances from Berrnie and Ruth Madoff.


This video features:

Kimberly Wilder, MC and Coordinator
Daniel Levin (not pictured, Artist Liaison, part of organizing team)
Brian O’Haire, local activist and singer/songwriter
Charlotte Koons, local activist and artist
Sonny Meadows, local activist, singer/songwriter, and PeaceSmiths Board Member
Steven Schmidt, local poet

If  you like this video, please go to the PeaceSmiths web-site for more examples from the same night!

Also, PeaceSmiths will hold a similar, participatory forum on Thursday, April 16th at 8pm. Come bring your ideas about “How-To Save The Earth In Two Minutes.” You present an idea, newspaper clipping, poem, song, or rant, and the PeaceSmiths Artist Panel will respond.

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