Touro Law: The Tankleff case and the problem of unjust convictions

Students from the Touro Criminal Law Society organized an event “The Tankleff Case and the Problem of Unjust Convictions.” The panelists were: Martin Tankleff; Robert Gottlieb, Bruce Barket, Mark Dwyer, and Professor Richard Moran.

Excellent article on new Amnesty Report: Jailed Without Justice

Go to the full article or the report to read about a Buddhist monk detained for 10 months and a Chinese woman, held in a county jail for almost a year, simply for seeking religious/political asylum. Horrible stories about what our government is doing. (And, whenever there is lack of due process in a situation […]

Riverhead Jail in Suffolk County: sad news

For various reasons, comments on this post are taking longer to process through. Please have patience and do not resubmit. Will try to review and post as soon as possible. ______________________________________________ KW: I almost didn’t post this because it so sad and confusing. Though, of course, the community must acknowledge such a happening. And, people […]

Some non-violent revenge on Bernie Madoff

Bernie Madoff did something very wrong. He stole resources from people. He stole resources from charities and foundations that affect people in need. Though, he is now out on bail, living in his fancy apartment in New York City. What should a peace activist, who believes in non-violence, wish for Bernie Madoff? Perhaps, a fair […]

Please keep Diane White in your thoughts

I have had trouble keeping up with the case of my friend and green colleague Diane White from Harrisburg. (I think that part of the goal of the current criminal justice system is to drag everything out so long, no one can possibly stay on alert that long.)  Diane White was assaulted by police while […]