Court: Deport NYC ferry crash widow

So, this woman’s husband died in the State Island Ferry crash. And, she was married less than two years. So, the judges in federal court in Newark are saying she should be deported back to Jamaica. Have these people no heart? Will there be no outcry?

I think that besides getting public support, this woman should start turning the tables on the government. I think she should sue all the government agencies who cooperated with, inspected, authorized or funded the ferry, and come up with the amount of money the government(s) would owe her in damages relative to the costs of being stripped of the ability to reside in America, and the insult of being deported. (How could you do that, measure the quality of life in Jamaica vs. America, your earning potential for a lifetime in Jamaica vs. America, life expectancy, etc.? Would be a neat accounting project.)

I hope the woman, Osserritta Robinson, wins on her re-application and appeal. Her lawyer says he will take it to the Supreme Court. Good for him. (But, the Supreme Court is not an easy place to get justice. The court mostly ignores things that come before it.)

(excerpt from) Newsday/AP
Court: Deport NYC ferry crash widow
February 4, 2009

A federal appeals court says a Jamaican immigrant whose American husband died in the 2003 Staten Island ferry crash can’t stay in the United States…

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