Encountering my hero at the DMV

A story from Kimberly:

My husband Ian and I had a car die this week. So, we had to buy an even older used car. That put me at the Department of Motor Vehicles in our lovely, suburban, Long Island, New York.

On the way out, I noticed that, in the back of the room, behind all the lines and counters, someone had made a display for “Black History Month.” I thought with all the effort that went into it, and the fact that it had some quasi-political message, that I should go look at it and admire it.

On the table were two very nice, wooden African masks, and some other objects and artifacts. On the window above, someone had taped about a dozen sets of papers, in laminated plastic, with biographies from the same book on various African Americans. One was Martin Luther King, Jr. One was Dr. Charles Drew who invented the idea of a blood bank.

There was the name of a woman named “Marva” who I did not recognize. I thought it matched the intentions of the day for me to figure it out who Marva was, why I should know about her, and read her bio. (I never did see hers. Looking on google now, maybe it was “Marva Collins” who advocated equality in education.) So, I went all the way to the end of the row of papers.

At the end, someone had, on a piece of paper, in a big, neat computer font, but not with the plastic file or book text, hung a sign honoring another leader. It said: “Cyntha McKinney” (spelled without the “i”), and it noted her accomplishment related to being the first African American woman elected to Congress from Georgia (if I have that correct.)

I was thrilled to see my hero honored in this way. I wonder if there are other such inroads being made around the country? I would imagine there are.

As most of you reading this know, I have resigned from the Green Party. This week, I actually finalized it and switched to “blank/do not wish to enroll in a party” at my local Board of Elections.

I still have hopes for the Green Party. But, not patience for them now.

As for Cynthia McKinney…I will follow her almost anywhere. And, I intend to help her with her next campaign for any office, with a party I admire, or just dedicated to her and her message.

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