Al Sharpton: Live streaming re: The Post

It’s 5:28pm EST. Press conference over. Still lots of people and chanting. Interesting to watch. 5:30pm. I think live streaming is turned off? Notes below.

Great coverage. Live streaming of the demonstration at the NY Post, and press conference with Al Sharpton and others.

Al Sharpton  is discussing the waiver for Murdoch to have extra media outlets. Also, the need for a policy change that addresses racial/diversity issues for the future, not simply an apology.

Al Sharpton and people concerned about the Post’s present problem and the Post’s media waiver will go to Washington next week…

Spike Lee is speaking!!!

Spike Lee is there with is 11-year-old son, Jackson.  Spike Lee is talking about the sports pages at the Post. Spike Lee is obliquely suggesting that black sports heros may not want to speak to the Post sports writers. Lee is reciting the names of various New York Teams – the Jets, the Giants – and stating that athletes from those teams may want to refuse to speak to sportswriters from the NY Post. Spike Lee says it is the most diverse city, and that cartoon was an insult to everyone – not just black votes.

Al Sharpton says, “We are putting the New York Post on the bench until we know what their policy is going to be.” Al Sharpton notes that just like the Bush administration’s deregulation of Wall Street was a failure, so was the Bush administration’s deregulation of the media industry. And, now, it is suggested, is a good time to fix that. A start would be to take away the waiver that allows Rupert Murdoch, a conservative, who allowed this racist cartoon to be published, to own so much media in the market of a diverse city.

The NAACP has dignitaries from the New York State and national level. A spokesperson from the NAACP notes: “It is easy to fire a journalist who does not do their job.” Suggestion that they fire the Editor-in-Chief by early next week. The NAACP has sent out an e-mail alert with a petition to 400,000 e-activists. They are taking it national. Their happens to be a meeting of the leaders of NAACP chapters throughout the state tonight in NYC, and they will discuss this.

Al Sharpton suggests possible civil disobedience.

Suggestion: That The Post start a diversity division.

Someone noted that the group with concerns was contacting the Department of Justice about the questions of if it was criminal and/or fostering a climate of hate.

Note that Judge Greg Mathis is present.

Judge Greg Mathis is saying that parents are responsible for what children do. Is the news corporation supervising the NY Post not doing a good job, not watching their divisions like the Post and FOX News. Suggests we push this across the board.

New York City Council member Charles Barron: We didn’t ask for an apology. We want justice. He says, that when he was growing up, his mother told him, “Sorry didn’t do it. You did it. There are consequences.” Councilman Barron suggests people who are concerned should take their money from banks that support The Post. Councilman Barron says publishing a cartoon where the first black President is metaphorically shot by police may reach criminal level, possibly creating a climate of violence, suggesting Barack Obama should be killed. Councilman Barron wonders how anyone can have the nerve to show policeman shooting someone after Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, etc.?

How dare the Post apologize while at the same time trying to attack those protesting. Councilman Barron says bluntly, “The Post is a racist rag sheet.” He shares that a group went to protest in East New York, and only one person bought a Post the whole time they were there, and the vendors there said they won’t sell it anymore. [Editor’s note: In case anyone doesn’t realize, the NY Post’s market includes New York City and Long Island. In that market, there are many other choices for daily news: Newsday, New York Times, and Daily News.]

Lots of people. Chanting. One chant was: “No justice, no peace.”

Chanting: “Don’t buy the Post!”

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