We’re not in Kansas anymore… (D.C. and crazy days of energy activism)

Oh, my. What interesting and confusing times for people who care about the earth.

At a very important, though unofficial, Green Party web-site, people are discussing if the Green Party should be open-minded about nuclear. Eek! Then, there is Power Shift ’09. I am not sure exactly who they are, but Nancy Pelosi will be speaking, and I have not heard a lot of stuff about it in green circles. Now, I found out that in addition to the Power Shift ’09 event, a different group – Capitol Climate Action-will be doing a climate-related civil disobedience on Monday, March 2nd in D.C.

Capitol Climate Action looks interesting to say the least. First of all, they want demonstrators to wear “dress clothes.”  Somehow, that makes the issue more respectable, they seem to think. Also, they are protesting a coal plant, to demand it be switched to natural gas. Now, maybe natural gas is better. Though, a lot of people’s houses have been blowing up lately. And, in addition, if you are going to get all maverick-y and stuff on energy, shouldn’t you be promoting solar, wind and other renewable energy?

I am just shaking my head and wondering what to do next.

Doesn’t anyone care about making less demand? Doesn’t anyone care about holding out for the best solutions? I can’t even imagine who or what could come along and rescue the energy debate with some positive direction.

Suppose it is always worthwhile to check out the Nuclear Information Resource Service. (They are anti-nuclear. Hope that doesn’t offend anyone who wants a “big tent”.) Oh! Good thing I looked. The NIRS is trying to get some of the folks in town for the other stuff to help them lobby against nuclear. Here is some of the info:

We’ll be sponsoring various grassroots activity opportunities for you to interact with your legislators this year. First up is a National Nuclear Lobby Day on Friday, February 27 in Washington.

This is designed mostly for those of you coming to town for the Carbon Free, Nuclear Free conference and/or the Power Shift events next week, plus those of you in Maryland, Virginia and other nearby locations.

If you are coming to DC and can be here on Friday, February 27, and are willing to meet with your legislator(s) or their staffs, please let us know by e-mailing us at nirsnet at nirs dot org We can set up appointments for you, provide you with talking points, and even accompany you on your visit if you’d like. If you need housing, we’ll try to arrange that, but can’t promise. Unfortunately, we don’t have any travel funds for this event.

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