Excellent Ralph Nader interview from March 27, 2009: DNC lawsuit, etc.

There is an actual podcast of the interview at the website link. Excellent interview.

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Ralph Nader interview on the need for election reform

Posted by University of New Mexico/Talk Radio News Service on March 27, 2009
By Michael Ruhl, University of New Mexico – Talk Radio News Service

Former presidential candidate and long time consumer rights advocate Ralph Nader talked with Michael Ruhl to discuss the status of his lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee (DNC). This was immediately following the circuit court argument for Nader vs. DNC. Nader claims that he was harassed and burdened in 2004 presidential election by the DNC, in what he calls “an abuse of the legal process” and malicious prosecution. In this interview, Nader explained background of the case, and the case’s current status. He said, “there is no other western democracy that comes close to obstructing voters and obstructing candidates as is the case in our country.”

Nader also spoke about the two-party system, and the effect that his case has on future third party candidates in the presidential process. He said that his case is designed to draw boundaries, to make sure that third party candidates can exercise their First Amendment rights. Nader also referred to the issue as one of democracy, because he said in limiting ballot access, one is truly limiting the right of the people to decide who they want to represent them. Nader called for national ballot standards, instead of ballot standards which vary state by state. He also advocated instant runoff voting and public funding of public campaigns.

Nader said that the two-party system is not allowing third parties access to the higher tiers of federal government, and this two-party system is moving gradually to a one-party system, where gerrymandered districts make reelection almost certain for many members of Congress. He called this a system that can be rented by the rich. In spite of the stronghold that the two parties have on the system, Nader said that he has talked with several members of Congress who may be interested in helping to move legislation on election reform. He mentioned by name: John Conyers (D-Mich.), Ron Paul (R-Texas), Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), and Jessie Jackson, Jr. (D-Ill.). He anticipates this reform effort to be difficult, because as he said, “the foxes are guarding the chicken coop.” Nader seems ready for a fight.

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