Wed. 3:30pm NY State Senate update

Some combined notes from Capitol Confidential blog and Daily Politic blog:

The new “Republican Coalition” [Republicans] was supposed to meet at 3pm, they had said in the chamber or out if needed.

The Republicans had called for a press conference at 2:30 pm, and moved it. The reporters were waiting (and cranky) at the new place as of 3:17pm with no coalition in sight.

State Senate Democratic Majority Leader (of claim) Malcolm Smith filed a lawsuit to stop the Republicans from meeting, and suggesting he has a two year term that he must be allowed to fill.

The Republicans got hold of a key to the State Senate Chamber.

An aide to Governor Paterson told a reporter that the Democrats had asked the Governor to change the lock on the State Senate Chamber. (Which accusation was first brought forward by Espada.)

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