David Letterman and Hiram Monserrate: The Republicans have got to be kidding


Republican debutante Sarah Palin wants David Letterman to apologize for making a sexual joke ALLEGEDLY about her 14-year-old daughter? (Even though, we all know it was about her 18-year-old daughter, who clearly has experienced sex, and whom Sarah Palin paraded around the campaign trail as an unmarried, pregnant teen, exposing her to the attention of late night comedy hosts.)

How about the Republicans disavowing NY State Senator Hiram Monserrate who ALLEGEDLY slashed his girlfriend’s face with a broken shot glass? (as reported here and elsewhere.)

This is the typical Republican hypocrisy. And, the two stories may even have a direct correlation. It would be just like Karl Rove to advise the Republican Party that since voters should be looking at an ELECTED OFFICIAL who should be condemned because it appears he assaulted a woman, the party might instead try to get the press to go report on a LATENIGHT COMEDIAN, who told an inappropriate joke about a woman.

If it is wrong to joke about hurting women, Sarah Palin, then it is definitely wrong to slash women in the face. And, one probably should not cohort with public officials who are accused of doing so. So, please tell your Republican colleagues in the NY State Senate to go back to their old plan to demand Hiram Monserrate’s removal, and, to get rid of their new plan, to try to use Democrat Hiram Monserrate as a pawn in a Republican coup to wrongly take the majority of a statewide legislative body.

And, Mr. Letterman: Since Sarah Palin refuses to go on your show, why don’t you offer her spot to someone else who can talk about respect for women? You should invite NY State Senate Hiram Monserrate onto your show, to discuss his feelings about jokes against women. That ought to be a lot of laughs.

And, if you can’t get Hiram Monserrate directly, perhaps you could try for some of his current Republican allies? Or, perhaps billionaire Tom Golisano, who characterized the charges against Monserrate as “a personal issue”? Or, maybe you could get some of the Democratic Party leaders and Working Families Party leaders who are willing to forgive Monserrate–if only they can have his vote back.

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