Easy Anthems 2x 6/26/09

Two shows, a bucket of virginal records and one hot night in Huntington, New York. It’s the Easy Anthems Record Release Party Friday, June 26th . We’re all kinds of jazzed up for you to get a copy of “ Sweet Lazy Day Queen “. Here’s the track listing:

  1. Sweet Lazy Day
  2. Einstein’s Wife
  3. Falling Love
  4. 1970
  5. Long Old Time
  6. BQE to LIE
  7. Peacock
  8. In The Valley
  9. Symptoms 6/8
  10. Don’t Turn My Love (Away Baby)
  11. You’re The Woman
  12. The World Under The Weather

You’ll hear these and more Friday, June 26th . First up, we’ll do a set at our favorite old-time vinyl record shop JUST KIDS NOSTALGIA at 8:30PM . After that, we’re heading up to the NAG’S HEAD ALE HOUSE for some cocktails and another full set of tunes. Then, we going to sing songs in your bedroom.

Important Facts & Figures:

  • Friday, June 26th 8:30PM at JUST KIDS NOSTALGIA , click on the following link for directions .
  • Friday, June 26th 10:30PM at the NAG’S HEAD , click on the following link for directions.

More Goodness In The World:

Also…because you are IN with us, we’re going to release some tracks in the weeks ahead that you can’t buy anywhere. There just for you. Made with love. More info to follow.

See you Friday, June 26th!!!!!

Much Love,

Easy Anthems

Happy Birthday Vanessa — IW & KW

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