Sun, June 21: NY State Senate Coup Update

The Times Union/Capitol Confidential Blog reports that Governor Paterson has brought in two mediators–former Lieutenant Governor Stan Lundine and former State Senator John Dunne–to try to settle the dispute between the NY State Senate Democrats and Republians. Governor Paterson has also suggested a judge–Chief Judge Jonathan Lippmann– who could preside over a special session to get last minute work done. The story is: here. (I, personally, hope the NY State Senate does not get back into session this time around. I don’t want Mayoral control of the NYC schools, and I do want people to realize how useless their current state government is.)

Over at the Daily Politics blog, Elizabeth Benjamin has a list of updates, and a request for comments (though, you have to register at the Daily News to comment.)

Here are some of Benjamin’s summaries with the links she offered:

The Times suggests taking “the sticking points” – like gay marriage and a property tax cap – “off the table” and focusing on a short-term solution for emergency legislation.

Two stories on the hiring/patronage situation in regard to who gets the “Majority” of the State Senate:

The Democrats have only been in charge of the Senate for less than six months, but they’ve managed to do a lot of hiring.

Nominations to patronage posts are in limbo due to the Senate stalemate.

Newsday thinks public campaign financing would go a long way toward fixing Albany’s woes.

(I must comment that public campaign financing would only help if the law is neutral and/or supportive of independent or third party candidates. Often, when Dems and Reps write laws such as this, they use it to make things easier for themselves, and/or easier for high-rollers, and that squeezes out the much-needed competition.-KW)

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