Will the NY State Senate meet on Saturday and Sunday?

KW: I am not guessing that they will. And, no one is blogging about the NY State Senate coup at the Capitol Confidential or Daily News so far this morning (It’s 7am). But, Newsday says the Governor called them into session for Saturday, and that he might call them for Sunday. But, they might not meet his request.

I think that Governor Paterson is ignoring any duty to the Democrats and Democratic Majority (which majority I do not admire, but whom the people of NY voted to prevail in Albany.) Governor Paterson has done little to condemn the Republican funny business on the floor which led to the sense the leadership changed. And, the Democrats need time to formulate a plan and fixed what happened, but Governor Paterson is rushing and shaming the Senators into quick action. I am also frustrated with reporters bantying about the number “31-31”. That numbers means nothing. There are not 31 Republicans in the chamber. Espada cannot change his party officially for many months, NY law makes it difficult to switch parties. There are 31 hypothetical votes for Republicans, not 31 Republicans.

(excerpt from) Newsday
Paterson orders a Saturday session for state senators

by James T. Madore / June 26, 2009

ALBANY – Disputing state senators’ claims of progress in resolving their differences, Gov. David A. Paterson on Friday said they were more interested in the weekend and ordered another special session for Saturday…

The Senate last passed bills on June 4. Attempting to spur action, Paterson has only placed nominations to state boards and authorities on Saturday’s agenda, a duty solely of the upper chamber. He’s likely to call a sixth special session for Sunday…

“They are telling you . . . that they are very close to an agreement,” Paterson told reporters. “No, they are very close to the weekend. They have put the weekend above the interests of New Yorkers.”

If a resolution was at hand, Paterson said, “why couldn’t they go into the chamber together [Friday] and start passing some of the legislation?”…

Meanwhile, leaders of both camps continued to talk. The sticking points were who will occupy the top jobs of temporary Senate president and majority leader, and how staff and funds are distributed…

Smith and John Sampson of Brooklyn, the de facto Democratic leader, made no public comments. But three Democrats told Newsday there was dissatisfaction over a proposal to keep Smith as majority leader and recognize coup leader Pedro Espada Jr. (D-Bronx) as Senate president. “People are very upset and talking about bolting the conference,” said one senator who requested anonymity.

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