NY State Senate: Sunday, June 28th update

For those of you keeping track: Since Governor Paterson (D) is demanding that the NY State Senators “do their job”, each conference – the Democrats and the Republicans – gaveled in and gaveled out separately, both under 3 minutes. Working on a Sunday. Pretty strange…

Also, the Democrats are running ads trying to pressure Republicans to stop it with the coup. Here is an example of the Democrats’ youtube ad.

Even though the ads are tough on Republican State Senators, what they are actually calling for is for the Republicans to agree to the power-sharing agreement put forward by the Democrats. If that is the end of this compromise, I believe that the Democrats will have given up a lot of ground, NY voters will have lost the input they gave by electing a majority of Democratic State Senators, and some of the really annoying and under-investigation Democrat traitors will have “won” and/or “saved face”.

Kay sera I guess. Until the campaign season. And, they we can all take out our frustration by endorsing non-incumbents and recruiting independent or third party candidates for the Albany legislative races (Assembly and State Senate — might as well fix it all while we are at it.)

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