NY State Senate and Mayoral Control of NYC Schools

KW: I, personally, do not like the idea of Mayoral control of schools. But, some people do. And, Bloomberg is chomping at the bit for the NY State Senate to approve the measure by a stated deadline of today.

Elizabeth Benjamin’s blog at the Daily News has a good review of the situation. Including a reader who states that Mayoral control SHOULD AND HAS ended today, already.

(excerpt from) Daily Politics blog by Elizabeth Benjamin
What ‘Chaos’ Will Look Like: Not Much Different (At First)

The “chaos” that Mayor Bloomberg has darkly predicted will follow the Senate’s failure to reauthorize his control of the public school system before it sunsets today apparently is not going to materialize overnight…

Later the mayor stressed the schools “are going to be open tomorrow morning for summer school at the appointed time, period; end of story.”

Bloomberg is none too happy with the Senate for being unable to pass the Assembly’s mayoral control bill…

[A reader told Elizabeth Benjamin:]

“5290-B first establishes the current structure of the board, and states ‘Eff. until June 30th 2009,'” he writes. “This could be ambiguous. The following could not:

“On the next page, under “Continuation of city board and establishment of community districts” :

“Eff. June 30, 2009…… 1.(a) The board of education of the city school district of the city of New York is hereby continued. Such board of education shall consist of seven members, a member to be appointed by each borough president of the City of New York and two by the mayor.”

It goes on to describe the rest of the old system. BUT today is clearly June 30th, and this is supposed to be effective on June 30th. I guess we are out of compliance!”

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