Photos and update: Green Party national meeting in Durham

Friday evening update is at the wilderside: here.

About the workshop: “Constructive Critique of the US Green Party…”

GP Panel l to r: John Rensenbrink, George Martin...

GP Panel l to r: John Rensenbrink, George Martin and Jan from NC. Photo by Roger Snyder.

Constructive Critique of the U.S. Green Party and Recommendations for Improvement (Workshop) 9:00-10:30

Below are notes of workshop attendee Roger Snyder. Roger is the Green Party of Suffolk Chair, and an NC Rep who is at the GP-US meeting in Durham. The notes were his quick notes and comments for himself. He added some clarifications in [] brackets when I requested to post this…

John Rensebrink

Negative: Obsession with rules.
& Internal housekeeping.

Relationships are more important than rules.

GP acts as NGO. (This is no good)

We should:

1) Mid term conventions, for platform.

2) Odd years regional meetings.

3) Holistic green process group.

ID two congressional districts and focus.

Hold Green Constitutional convention.

Kat Swift


Apportionment (does not like, go to population).

Rules are fall back, but get in the way.

Change behaviours.

Personal development and growth issues. Teach Green Party culture.

George Martin

Nourish Get young.

Meetings. We don’t engage. [Echoed later by some in the audience.)


JR says become serious.

People not on committees. [Can’t get on committees, people block.]

Teresa : needs to be easier to get on committees.

SC shut down. Hostility. [SC not open]

Jason Nabs: SC & NC spread too thin.

Kat Swift at Green Party National Meeting 2009

Kat Swift at Green Party National Meeting 2009

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  1. KW: I think it is awesome that Roger could give us a report from the ground.

    Some of my thoughts: I think it is hysterical that someone thought to offer this workshop with a “critique”. It seems like it addresses concerns and addresses the dissent.

    But, it is very good propaganda. The people on the team are largely people who will go with the flow. And, then John Rensenbrink, who has been a shadow leader for many years.

    I am not a fan of Jason Nabewanieec, I will say. But, I think it is interesting that he said that the Steering Committee AND National Committee are spread too thin.

    People often state that the leadership of something is “spread to thin” as a way to let them let go of the reins and share power. It is a nice way to say, “Let someone else do the work, let go of your control so others can participate.” In that way, yes, the Steering Committee should open up.

    But, to then apply that to the National Committee, is odd. The National Committee is like 150 or more people. All of them have not had a chance to participate. Some of them get censored or lambasted off their own list-serve. So, how can they be spread too thin, until all of them are allowed to participate. Until every NC member is on at least one or two committees?

    I have to think saying that the NC is spread too thin is just another propaganda technique from the clique which Jason Nabs is firmly entrenched in.

    -Kimberly Wilder
    former Green Party member
    former NC member

    • I was at that workshop.

      I was sitting in front of the brother from Conn with the hat of the Puerto Rican flag.

      I am having fun here in Durham.




  2. As to updates, I heard tell that there are several seats up for election. But, that there is only one candidate who is come forward.

    Now, some people may do a stealth campaign and try to be nominated by surprise last minute.

    But, it is funny, some people are saying that no one will run because people pick on the poor Steering Committee.

    I say that most people with the bravery to run have been run out of the party. And, that the others realize that “resistance is futile” and don’t want to try to share power at national. When you try to run, they send out the attack dogs, make up stories, play games.

    Wonder who will run. Wonder if there is any hope that someone worthwhile will run for Steering Committee? We shall see.

    -Kimberly, a former (presently cranky) Green

  3. ALOHA:…. hope i find everyone well… mahalo kimberly; makes for interesting reading…. too many challenges from unenlightened individuals attempting to run, organize and grow an alternative and enlightened political party….. yet we keep attempting….. good on us….. aloha from the northshore of maui….. nikhilananda….

  4. Kimberly,

    Thanks for the updates. Thank you Jason as well. I bear witness to your comments concerning the SC. I also agree with your assessment regarding leadership in the Party.

    Diane White, PA
    Former NC Member

  5. Hey, Jeff.

    Thanks for the report.

    Glad you are having fun.

    Please do e-mail any reports.


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  7. Thanks so much for this update.

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