What happens when a white guy with no i.d. is found wandering in a minority neighborhood?

He is taken back to his hotel.

What happens when a African-American in his own home shows ID to police officer in a white neighborhood?

He is taken away in handcuffs.

In case you didn’t catch the story, Bob Dylan was confronted by police in Long Branch, NJ when a homeowner called police because an “eccentric-looking old man” was seen looking at the “For Sale” sign in their yard.

The story is reported by the media as a piece of amusement since the two twenty-something officers did not recognize the folk legend.

Dylan had no ID to produce, and did not know the name of his hotel – only that it was a big one by the ocean with tour buses in front of it.

Would these courtesies have been extended to Henry Louis Gates?  – IW

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