Another police killing: What if there were no police?

The latest police failure is the story of a police officer in Houston, Texas, who shot and killed a man, who was a double-amputee, who was in his wheelchair. [Story at CNN: here] The man had been threatening the officer with what turned out to be a pen. Below is my essay, previously published at […]

Tough situation: John White verdict

John White is a black homeowner from Long Island who was dealing with a mob of white teens allegedly spewing racial epithets outside his home. An appeals court upheld his manslaughter conviction in the death of one of the teens.

What happens when a white guy with no i.d. is found wandering in a minority neighborhood?

He is taken back to his hotel. What happens when a African-American in his own home shows ID to police officer in a white neighborhood? He is taken away in handcuffs. In case you didn’t catch the story, Bob Dylan was confronted by police in Long Branch, NJ when a homeowner called police because an […]

Another view of the Professor Gates situation: Bob Barr comments

KW writes: The commentary below is from a Libertarian/Conservative Republican point-of-view. Bob Barr  ran for President with the Libertarian Party in 2008.  I agree with a lot of the ideas in the piece. Though, I think the last sentence should say “equally important”. Found the piece at the third party news blog I write for, […]

Careful analysis of Henry Louis Gates arrest/charges

KW: The opinion piece here, excerpted below, provides an excellent analysis of the Henry Louis Gates arrest. Instead of focusing on “Were the police racist?”, the writer, Charles Cherry, focuses on “Was the arrest and were the charges wrong?” It shows point-by-point and with case law how wrong the police were.

Charges to be dropped against Harvard professor

Dear Reader: Thanks for any energy/prayers/phonecalls/e-mails you added to the mix to help support this positive outcome! – KW (excerpt from) The Boston Globe Charges to be dropped against Harvard professor By Tracy Jan and Andrew Ryan / July 21, 2009 12:42 PM The Middlesex district attorney’s office plans to drop criminal charges against Harvard […]

Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. wrongly arrested at his home

Update! Tuesday afternoon: Charges dropped.* Note from KW: On studying the story in various news reports, it appears that when the police officer arrived, Professor Gates was inside his home already. But, the policeman was demanding that Professor Gates come outside his home, which I believe was the beginning of the heightened conflict in this […]