Robbie Woliver on Van Jones: I now officially hate Democrats.

from Facebook (with permission)

I now officially hate Democrats. Green Czar Van Jones resigns because Repub. opponents are after him because he said bad things about Bush and the GOP? When are the Dems going to fucking grow a spine? What a goddamn wimp. So now all you have to do is throw mud, and you’ll get your way. Good job, radical right, you deserve these wins. Seriously.

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  1. The real issue is why Obama didn’t vet this guy so he could learn that Jones was a commie radical who would end up being a huge political liability.

    If the “dems” in the admin did their job, the guy would have never set foot in the Whitehouse. So the American people grew a spine and said WE will say no to czars, advisors, (or whatever you call them).

    Don’t blame the dems or repubs, blame Obama. POOR leadership.

  2. I guess we disagree.

    Van Jones has been leading this country in the right direction, rather than being led around by the nose by oil companies.

    His appointment was one of the few that I supported Obama on, and was disappointed in losing Van Jones tot he political maw.

    Now we can have him back doing good work, rather than being in a cage.

  3. You know – hate is a really really really strong word. I reserve it for the likes of Bin Laden and Hitler – but now you apparently hate all democrats?

    This type of rhetoric really does not help rational conversation – which is in fact sorely lacking.

    — hippieprof

    • Hate is a strong word. But so is killing, which is what the Democratic and Republican Parties are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. Since they have killed many more people in those countries than Bin Laden killed, is it ok to hate those parties?

      Besides which, I think you are taking Robbie’s words too literally.

      • Oh – I know he probably didn’t really mean “hate” – I just really try to reserve that word for truly extreme moments – which this obviously isn’t.

        I agree on your other points. It is too bad that someone with good ideas can become a political liability. I guess with health care reform hanging in the balance Obama felt that the attention on Jones was too much of a distraction….

        — hippieprof

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