LI Newsday publisher resigns!

KW: I wonder what this is about? The Newsday on-line format that they instituted in the past few weeks or so is so ad-heavy and picture-heavy. I wonder if this person simply had too much integrity to stay with the superficial circus that Newsday is becoming? I am so interested to see if the gentleman starts his own paper or turns up somewhere else. I think there are huge market opportunities in Long Island for good, print media. Probably something local and weekly, including the vacuum created when Suffolk Life suddenly packed up their bags and closed.

Link to discussion on a political blog about why newspapers are failing and how they might succeed (especially in the comments): here.

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The NY Times has the story, with some interesting back story: here.

(excerpt from) Newsday
Newsday publisher Tim Knight resigns/Tim Knight resigned

by Tom Incantalupo/ September 24, 2009

Tim Knight resigned as Newsday Publisher & Chief Executive Officer on September 23, 2009.

Timothy P. Knight resigned Wednesday as Newsday publisher after five years of leading Long Island’s daily through tumultuous times for the paper and the industry.

Cablevision, which owns Newsday, named Terry Jimenez, publisher of the Newsday-owned amNewYork, acting publisher of Newsday…

[Terry] Jimenez, who joined Newsday in 2005 as chief financial officer, became publisher of amNewYork, the free New York City commuter daily, in July 2007. He was given the additional title of chief operating officer of Newsday Media Group in September 2008. Before joining Newsday, Jimenez had been controller for the Chicago Tribune and was finance director at McDonald’s Corp.

Knight’s departure comes at a time when Newsday, like most major newspapers, is struggling with declining circulation and advertising revenues as more readers get their news from the Internet and other electronic sources and advertisers follow them. The downturn in ad revenue has been exacerbated by the economic recession…

…the company reported that Newsday, which it bought in the summer of 2008 from the Tribune Co., had an operating loss of $2.6 million.


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