Please comment: What could Newsday do to become profitable?

KW: As you may have heard, Newsday publisher Tim Knight has resigned (or, “abruptly resigned” as Elizabeth Benjamin at the Daily News described it.) (The NY Times story is: here. Newsday was bought by Cablevision, and Newsday has had recent personnel shifts and redesigns. There have been huge financial losses at Newsday.

I am determined that there is a place in the world for print media. (There is a conversation about it with my ideas at Independent Political Report, in the comments: here.)

What do you think that Newsday could do to better serve the people of Long Island?

And, a question I think (and hope) is related:

What could Newsday do to become more profitable?

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  2. Make it free. Earn by advertising only. It worked countless times before….

    Go Green!

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