Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and Sarah Palin defeated in NY-23

Kimberly says…Okay, so the “winner” was a plain old Democrat candidate. And, my co-blogger doesn’t even think this belongs on our blog. Though, some of the way the battle fell out was just so delicious…

(excerpt from) San Francisco Chronicle
NY 23 election results – Bill Owens beats Doug Hoffman, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh

The Right Wingnuts led by Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Malkin lost their self-selected signpost election the 23rd Congressional District in New York. The ultra-conservative Republican candidate Doug Hoffman conceded to Democrat Bill Owens just about a half-hour ago.

…With this we can say the “RHINO” purge – where wingnut pundits like Malkin developed a “hit list” of moderate Republicans – failed. Getting Dede Scozzafava out of the race caused the party to lose an election they could have won.

So, the Hoffman loss was a loss for: Big money; loud right wing radio hosts; national politics swooping into a local district; and the Conservative Party in New York.

And, a last point, noted in the excellent Washington Post story: Republicans had controlled this district since 1872.

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  1. Yay, another vote for the War and against Single Payer! 8-|

  2. I don’t read too much into these things. It is like those claiming the GOP gubernatorial wins are a vote against Obama.

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