New York State: Mixed reviews for new voting machines

KW: Here in my county, Suffolk, we had the regular, lever voting machines (though, there was an electronic one available for people with disabilities.)  A Green Party State Committee person who experienced electronic voting this week was very dissatisfied, and wrote a rant on a green list-serve. I prefer simple, and the old machines. Though, hopefully, the optical scan is better than other choices. We shall see…

from Ballot Access News
Parts of New York State Voted for First Time Without Mechanical Voting Machines
November 5th, 2009

On November 3, 2009, New York voters in 15 counties voted for the first time with optical-scan ballots instead of mechanical voting machines. The entire state will have abandoned mechanical voting machines by 2010. Some voters who used the new system seemed either satisfied with it, or were neutral. Others said they preferred the old machines. But this news story in the Jamestown, New York Post-Journal seems to suggest that no voter was particularly intense, either positively or negatively, about the change.

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