TV is not good for babies (or other living things…)

(excerpt from) Go via Chicago Tribune
Refunds offered for Baby Einstein videos
by Julie Deardorff

If you were duped into thinking that Baby Einstein videos were helping your baby’s brain, you can now get your money back.

Three years after the Walt Disney company stopped claiming the videos were educational for children under 2, it has announced it is offering a refund to anyone who purchased a Baby Einstein video in the past five years.

The offer is a victory for the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, which filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission that accused Baby Einstein, Brainy Baby and BabyFirst TV with making false and deceptive claims about educational value…

“Though babies don’t have the wiring to process all the complexity in classical music, they are mesmerized by it, which might be why they seem to like ‘Baby videos’ like Baby Einstein,” they wrote…

KW: This reminds me of the best advice I ever saw on a bumper sticker: “Hide from your TV!”


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