Israeli jets strike tunnels in Gaza

Posting two links to the news story, for perspective.

The story at the NY Times is: here.

The story at Al Jazeera is: here.

Al Jazeera reports:

Israeli jets strike Gaza
The attacks on Gaza marked the latest violence along its border with Israel

Israeli fighter jets have struck at  two targets in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military said on Saturday that the jets targeted two tunnels, one east of Gaza City and another near Khan Younis around midnight

Witnesses also reported several other explosions around Gaza. The Israelis said these blasts had nothing to do with them…

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    The proof of their fearing truth, is that Pro Palestian blogs always moderate comments.

  2. Now see the proof of the blockade violence by those who hate Israel.

  3. Stop spinning the story. The Humanitarian Aid boats were in international water. The IDF who boarded the Aid Boats committed an act of violence and piracy. The Israeli government had no right to attack those Aid boats. An embargo is an act of war.

    Imagine a ship sailing to New York after 9/11 with humanitarian supplies, and the Canadian Navy sends commandos aboard the boat to seize them. The Canadian Navy would be responsible for any violence that took place because they would be breaking international law and committing acts of violence. Any reaction by the aid workers would be justifiable self-defense.

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