Urgent notice: Greenlawn Long Island

Up-to-date info on the water situation at: greenlawnwater.org

is in Town of Huntington, Long Island, NY. The Greenlawn Water District includes the Commack School District area.

(KW: Since chlorine in the water is not so great, either, bottled water, or visiting friends and relatives in other water districts might be a good idea!)

Newsday reports:
Greenlawn Water District detects bacteria in water
9:10 PM By Anthony Castellano

An urgent notice was posted on greenlawnwater.org‘s website urging all residents in the Greenlawn Water District to boil their water before using.

Positive samples of bacteria were found during a routine check, the district said.

Chlorine has been added to the water by the district as a precautionary measure.

Interesting note to our blog readers who are following closely: Commack School District is where the school board was recently going to sell old farm land it had inherited to be conserved in perpetuity to a developer. Perhaps the water incident will be a reminder to slow down on over-development and preserve open space, in whatever manner you can find it left on Long Island?!

Other Long Island Water Stories:

Cesspools endangering waterways? There was a recent Newsday stories about cesspools in Long Island endangering waterways. The focus was on nitrogen and algae. Though, it is interesting that people have been worrying about the water overall. Story: here.

Dry Cleaning chemicals in the water in Suffolk: The Suffolk County water authority sues Dow chemicals and other companies over dry cleaning chemicals — called “perc” or “PCE” — in Suffolk water. Story at Newsday: here.

Town diversts free water source at Cold Spring: For so many years, residents in Cold Spring Harbor, Huntington, would go to a special spring and get free water from a near endlessly flowing Spring. But, “…the Suffolk County Department of  Health Services (SCDOHS) ordered the Town of Huntington to shut down the spring in May [2010].” Story at Long Island Press: here.

4 Responses

  1. Gentlemen:
    I find it atrocious that the Town of Huntington & the Greenlawn Water district have not been held accountable for finding solutions to our water problems-
    The quality of the water now is unacceptable- the smell
    of chlorine is detectable as the water comes out of our
    faucet- I find it unbelievable that Greenlawn and the Town have the nerve to raise the price of our water-

    Because of this problem, we, and I’m sure many people, are buying bottled water- bad idea for the environment, but what else can we do? And what
    of people who cannot buy bottled water? They are
    drinking chlorinated water which is certainly unhealthy.

    We hope something can be done to resolve this matter-

    Kate Castan

    • Thank you for sharing your information. Please keep us updated.

      • 5/20/11

        To date, no one has taken steps to to remediate the problem of chlorine in the Greenlawn Water District’s water-

        The Township of Huntington NY has one of the highest cancer rates on LI. Adding chlorine to our water on a continued basis is not healthy & cannot be used as a bandage for something that might be a larger problem.

        Greenlawn Water District needs to address and correct these conditions NOW!!

        Kate Castan

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