Pete Seeger speaks out against hydrofracking

Found this interesting. At the official NY State Senate site, there is video of Pete Seeger speaking out against hydrofracking and singing “This Land is Your Land”. And, there is another video of Pete Seeger singing a specific song against hydrofracking (not sure if it is at a rally or at the legislature?). Both videos below…

New song against hydrofracking:


Pete Seeger singing “This Land is Your Land”:


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  1. I hope Pete has not been suckered into another Democratic Party election year hoax. The moratorium is merely a ploy to move the hydrofracking issue until past election day when they can go full speed ahead. if the Democratic Party opposes hydrofracking then just ban it, today. Now!

    the Democratic Party is playing the same game with hydrofracking that it played with the anti-war movement, “Just shut up for now, and we’ll shut it down later.” How’s that working for the anti-war movement.

    And yes, Pete, as much as I love him, fell for a similar ploy 4 years ago when the Democratic Party front that calls itself the Working Families Party tricked Pete into asking people to vote for pro-war Democratic Party candidates as an anti-war vote. Huh? That worked so well that the Working Families Party never had to mention the war again. See David McReynolds responds to Pete Seeger

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  3. The Working to make Families poor Party has suckered Pete into it again. They just sent out another video with Pete saying vote independent and for WtmFpP to stop hydrofracking, even though the WFP will give us just that.

    I guess he really doesn’t look past the name.

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