An Open Letter to Michael Moore by Philip A. Farruggio (via Dandelion Salad)

Last night they mentioned the ( so called ) Health Care reform bill. What reform? It was, from day one, a sellout to the private insurers and the health care industry. Goodness Michael, you said so in both of your last two films. Obama received 21 million to McCain’s 7 + million in donations from the health care industry, yet you supported Obama? We had a Green Party candidate that agrees with you most likely 99% , plus we had a candidate named Nader…. Remember him? You worked tirelessly for Ralph in 2000, as did yours truly… And I live in Florida! When you went on Al Franken’s radio show in 2001 , he put you on the phone with Al Gore and said ” Have anything to say to Al, Michael? ‘ Your retort was simply ‘ You won Al ! ‘ Michael, you knew the hypocrisy of the Democrats like Franken who blamed we Nader supporters for that election result. We both know that it was not Nader in Florida that made Gore lose. Rather it was the platform of the Democrats that once again offered little difference on key issues to the Republicans ( It was Clinton , with Larry Sommers running interference, who helped to repeal the Glass – Steagall Act , opening the door for Wall Street to go wild ) . Anyhow, getting back to health care reform and all that, the whole bill and the issue around it is a red herring. The bill is a lie and a scam that allows private interests to **** we working folks. Without a strong public option to buy into a ‘ Medicare for Anyone Who Wants To ‘ system, folks like my family ( who earn over $ 65 k a year ) still cannot afford health coverage So, how in the hell can the rest of Americans afford to pay $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 annually for mediocre coverage?

by Philip A. Farruggio Featured Writer Dandelion Salad November 3, 2010 This note is not just for you Michael. It is also for the progressive minded pundits that you rub elbows with. It is time to LET GO OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY! I sat last night and watched you and John Nichols with Laura Flanders and Amy Goodman. The election results were streaming in trumpeting a bloodbath for the Democrats. I sat forward in my chair, awaiting the truth of it a … Read More

via Dandelion Salad

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