Who may belong to the Congressional Black Caucus?

There is a very interesting development in the world of politics. The Congressional Black Caucus [CBC] — traditionally a group of Democratic Congresspeople — may open its doors to black, Republican Congresspeople. Besides issues related to the ideology and membership of the potential Republican members, there is another interesting aspect to this change: What will happen when there are third party, black Congresspeople elected? It appears that moving forward, if parties such as the Green Party or Libertarian Party elect people to Congress, those officials will be welcome into the CBC.

(excerpt from) The Hill
Black Caucus says it will welcome newly elected black Republicans
By Mike Lillis – 11/09/10

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) said this week it will welcome a pair of newly elected black Republicans if they wish to join. [GOP Reps.-elect Allen West (Fla.) and Tim Scott (S.C.)]

“Membership in the Congressional Black Caucus has never been restricted to Democrats,” the group said in an unattributed email to its members. “Should either of the two African-American Republicans recently elected to the House of Representatives request membership in the Congressional Black Caucus they will be welcomed.”…

“Our agenda is about lifting people out of poverty, providing middle-class tax cuts, supporting climate-change legislation,” [CBC Chairwoman Barbara Lee (D-Calif.)] she said. “Do [incoming black Republicans] embrace this agenda?”…

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