What’s going on at Wall Street today?

Update! Tuesday, November 15, 2011:

Mayor Bloomberg and NYPD evicted protesters from Liberty Square. Judge issued court order that should not be/have been evicted. Bloomberg defying order (under guise of reading paperwork). Hearing at 11am.

Meanwhile, folks gathering at 6th and Canal AND Foley Square. Zucotti Park seems to be closed this morning. (Update at 9:43am, discussing, not decided to send a delegation to Zucotti Park to test if they will be allowed back in. Trinity Church, 2 blocks away from Zucotti, has allowed temporary access. So, delegation may meet at Trinity Church.)

Best places to stay up to date:

OccupyWallSt website: here

NYC LiveStream: here.

Update, Friday, 10/21: At midnight tonight, in Columbus Circle, a concert with Pete Seeger, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, and Suzanne Vega!

Watch Live Streaming from NYC: here.

10/20/2011 – It is International Credit Union Day. Some folks at Occupy Wall Street are doing campaigns to encourage people to move their money from megabanks to credit unions or local, community banks. Story at Feed The Protest: here.

10/15 at 6:30pm – 15,000 demonstrators in Time Square. Feeling somewhat kettled. But, some want to stay. The police have riot gear and are on horseback, so some tension. Support helpful. Go down if you have good vibes to share. See Live Stream link above to be a witness.

A good way to stay posted to events on the ground, is to follow the Twitter hashtag: #occupywallstreet (with street spelled out) or #ows. Also, there is info at the website occupywallst.org (with street abbreviated) — that website has great and authentic info, though sometimes a little behind. There is a new hashtag for keeping up with what supplies are needed to be donated to Occupy Wall Street. The supplies Twitter hashtag is: #needsoftheoccupiers

Link to 10/14 update: Eviction/Cleanup averted. News and links: here.

Brief update for 10/13/2011: OWS will be marching to courts where foreclosures are unfairly auctioned off. OWS is planning for Saturday, Oct 15th worldwide solidarity event. OWS has a call out for ideas or donations of 30 gallon plastic containers. Mayor Bloomberg, the NYPD, and Brookfield Office Properties are trying to kick the demonstrators out, by saying that the company needs to clean the park. Tom Morello performed today. Link to post with several videos: here.

Update for Saturday 10/8: At Liberty Square/Zucotti Park at 3pm, the punk group anti-Flag will play an acoustic set. AND there will be a second formation of the Occupy Wall Street starting in Washington Square Park at the same time, 3pm. There will be a “Second NYC General Assembly” beginning! That story at onthewilderside: here.

10/5 Update…What’s happening on Occupy Wall Street
on Wednesday, October 5th:  here.
From October 3, 2011:

Zombies and more…Here are some updates about activities by the Occupy Wall Street protesters. They are starting to fill their calendar with outreach activities, and demonstrations based on issues and coalitions that matter to them. Pretty cool.

For official updates and a calendar, a good place to go is the General Assembly website: NYCGA.cc

Today, Monday, 10/3/2011 at Occupy Wall Street:

All day, demonstrators and friends will dress as business-people-Zombies, with white faces, and eat monopoly money. The Zombie Mob is a kind of demonstration/performance art to show Wall Street workers what their work truly does to our country.

Update: A link to 2011 Occupy Wall Street Zombie photos at The Salt Lake Tribune: here.

For a preview of what Zombies on Wall Street might look like, here is a link to a 2008 photo of Zombies at the Wall Street Bull: here. And, a website with more photos from 2008: here. I think the idea about having the Zombies eat fake or Monopoly money is new to this 2011 demo. I will seek photos to link here.

At NYC City Hall, demonstrators are gathering together all people who have been arrested or brutalized by the NYPD.

There is a planning meeting for an art project related to the Immigrant Movement

There is a rally for locked out Sotheby’s workers

Stay tuned. The movement is growing. Regular media outlets are also reporting other Occupy groups springing up all over the country.

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