The grassroots in Chicago sends a message with 7,000 demonstrators

An Occupy image from NYC

(excerpt from) Truthout
Community Groups, Labor and Occupy Chicago Protest Mortgage Bankers Association, Seven Thousand Strong
Wednesday 12 October 2011
by Yana Kunichoff

When the Mortgage Bankers Association decided to hold their annual conference in Chicago, they weren’t counting on a welcome committee. What they got was more than 7,000 protesters taking over the road underneath their downtown rooftop reception at the city’s Art Institute, chanting, “We are the 99 percent” and “How to fix the deficit? Tax, tax, tax the rich.”

Take Back Chicago, a coalition of labor unions and community groups, were joined by Occupy Chicago in the first of a three-day series of demonstrations around the Mortgage Bankers Association meeting.

The protests aims to highlight the three main pillars of the city’s hurting communities – jobs, housing and education – and change policies in these areas that favor corporate giveaways…

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Media reports say that on Tuesday, 21 folks were arrested, concerning protests in Chicago. 5 people dumped trash at a Bank of America branch. Story at <a href=”
” target=”_blank”>OyeTimes: here.

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