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    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? eBook

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Is there a Gas Boycott for April 15, 2012?

Update 4/29: Well, people want to know if the gas boycott worked. I guess until something is huge, you can’t always measure the results (and the government and media won’t be anxious to tell you how much power you have!) But, I do recall seeing an article in the  last few days that said gas prices were likely to steady out. And, gas prices had been rising. So, maybe someone got the hint that enough was enough.

Also, important! Buy no gas on May Day, May 1st! See more info at occupywallst.org: here. All around the word, and especially among occupy folks, people will hold a general strike for May Day. If you want to be involved in the energy of a boycott, and send a message from consumers to corporations, this is the big message! No work, no school, no shopping on Tuesday, May 1st. Do what you can do, at whatever level, to hold onto your money and resources that day. Show the 1% that we need help here in the 99%.

Well, some people are saying Don’t Buy Gas on April 15th, in order to send the oil companies a message.

And, some of us believe it can work. (See recent video below).

Some people are having doubts. Though, I say whenever you can use your own spending power to send a message — however personal or small — you should try.


Don’t have a car? Boycott PLASTIC

How can you participate in a Gas Boycott if you do not own a car? I think that one failing of the old-style-e-mail-message-one-day-gas-boycott is that many people — especially people who live and work in cities — don’t have a car, so they think they can’t help. So, I think gas boycott activists should add a dimension: If you want to add your support, DON’T BUY PLASTIC on Gas Boycott Day. Carry your own water bottle and don’t shop for things made from plastic. (Did you know that plastic was made from petroleum? MyPlasticFreeLife notes: “…about 10% of U.S. oil consumption is used to make plastics. And as we know, oil is a resource that is running out.”)

One day not enough?: Use less gas all week

Some of the naysayers note that a Gas Boycott won’t do much if folks just buy more gas the day before or the day after. Well…how about you DON’T BUY on April 15th AND you try to use less gas all week? Take a neighbor to the store one day this week. Ride your bicycle. Use public transportation. Anytime you use less gas, you SAVE MONEY, and keep money out of the hands of oil companies. It’s a tiny bit of empowerment, anytime you want to use it.

Can this Gas Boycott really work? Are we just fooling ourselves?

There are a lot of naysayers dismissing the Gas Boycott. Well, there were similar naysayers years ago, when the idea of a Summer Solstice “Voluntary Blackout” first went around. As early as 2001, activists decided to turn off their lights on Summer Solstice to protest bad energy policies. I remember a leftist economist sending me an e-mail about how foolish the idea was. Though, putting out the “voluntary blackout/boycott electricity idea” did send a message. And, now, there is an “Earth Hour” (in March), which is very similar, and is honored by millions of people and even many organizations and governments.

Links to some “doubters”, and old stories about a 1997 or 1999 Gas Boycott:

AOL Daily Finance

Mad about gas prices and oil companies? There are many ways to take action:

If you are upset about gas prices, and want to take a stand, there are definitely, bigger, more organized actions you can take “in addition to” or “instead of” the April 15th Gas Boycott!

Consumers for Peace has an ongoing boycott of specific oil companies, a petition, and other good information:
What You Can Do page at Consumers for Peace

Speaking of Tax Day (April 17th this year) and April 15th…
War Resisters League has ongoing programs to resist/boycott taxes:
War Tax Resistance page at WRL

May Day: May 1st, 2012: M1 General Strike!
On May 1st, Boycott Everything! Don’t go to work! Don’t go to school! Buy Nothing! You will be joining the Occupy movement, peace and justice organizations, labor groups, and workers around the world, who are having a General Strike on May 1st. This event will send a strong message to greedy corporations and the 1%.
May Day 2012 (NYC): here.

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