Hofstra Debate: Third Party Round-Up and Protest Photo Gallery

Protest photos galore – political celebrities, posters, marches, and more – at our Hofstra Debate Photo Gallery on Flickr

Mike McDermott for Congress: Long Island

Above: Mike McDermott for Congress at the Hofstra Presidential Debates Hofstra Debate. Mike McDermott is on the ballot, as a Libertarian, for Congress, 3rd District, Long Island, NY. Even though he is ballot-qualified, News12 is excluding him from their debates.

Jill Stein sign to Open The Debates

Note: Green Party candidate for President Jill Stein and her running mate, Cheri Honkala were arrested for trying to participate in the debates. Though, they are presently out of jail. (And, the publicity must be good, because I think that their site is down/overloaded at 7:24pm)

Ian Wilder at Hofstra Debate Public Area
Above: Ian Wilder spoke about the “closed debates” and the Jill Stein campaign at the Public Area at 6:30. Photo is from right after the speech.
Kimberly and Walter

Above: Dinosaur with Obama and Romney poster. Hofstra Debate Protest Art. Our friend Walter was one of the first protesters to make it to the local, Newsday coverage. Then, his poster photo was linked at the Guardian UK debate coverage! He got great press with this interesting “anti-both parties” sign, created by a local occupier from Long Island.

Freedom Socialist Party sign

Vermin Supreme at Hofstra Debate

Above: Vermin Supreme
Jimmy "Rent Is Too Damn High" McMillan

Above: Jimmy McMillan, former third party candidate and poverty advocate, known for “The Rent Is Too Damn High” slogan, visits the Hofstra Debate Protest. McMillan was included in the NY Governor Debate in 2010 (and won!)
Occupy Long Island: Hofstra Debate protest

Above:Occupy Long Island at Hofstra Debate. Their signs included “Nobody for President”. Many occupiers participated, as well, in various other groups and campaigns represented at the protest (including creating the Obama/Romney dinosaur sign, see above).

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