Boog City 75: 2012 Election Issue

boog city 75 election issue 2012If you’re looking for some new reading material, the online pdf of Boog City 75, our 2012 Election mini-issue, is now available. You can read it at:

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——————– Boog City 75: The 2012 Election Issue  featuring:

 Contributing Editor Chris Casamassima asked the following question to a host of people around the country: “In about 250-300 words, tell us about your choice of (or whether or not you’ll vote for) president this fall, why you will/won’t choose them and if/how their policies reflect your community’s concerns.” Here’s who responded. (Replies are ordered by state and city).

Lafayette, Colo., j/j hastain  *  Bowling Green, Ky., Brent Fisk
 Lafayette, La., Marthe Reed  *  Baltimore, Tree Turtle
 Lockport, N.Y., Jared Schickling  *  North Babylon, N.Y., Ian Wilder
 North Babylon, N.Y., Kimberly Wilder  *  Cleveland Marcus Bales
 Cleveland, Joshua Ware  *  Austin, Texas, Daniel Carter
 Alexandria, Va., Magus Magnus  *  Fairmont, W.V., Donna Long 
 —”Elections are quite weary, aren’t they? Tiring, especially if you’re a third-party candidate who got arrested and held for eight hours trying to get into a presidential debate—contrasted with the other two, who have to schmooze CEOs and small business leaders.” From “Gimme an Off-Shore Account: Tales from the 2012 Election,” by Christina Strong
And Washington, D.C.’s Katie Bohinc from our Poetry section, edited by Buck Downs, with Utopia.

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