Election Results: Third Party, New York, Suffolk County focus

Jan 2013 Update:
Best link for third party results for Presidential Race 2013 is at
Independent Political Report: here.


Nader Debate in DC
Election links and results presented in a fairly random manner. Ian is registered Green Party. And, we are both third party activists from Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. So, that sways our presentation!

For great and detailed state-by-state charts, which include third party totals, go to Politico: here. Or, try Google‘s results page: here (You have to click on “show all candidates”).

For Green Party results and victory anecdotes, go to Green Party Watch: here.

Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President is reported at about .3% (point three percent) nationwide at Google. (I expect this and other third party numbers to go up as vote totals are reported). Jill Stein received about .4% in Suffolk. Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party candidate for President is reported at a little over 1% nationwide.

You may know that the media has called the race for Barack Obama as winner. (Watch the sky folks, duck those drones.)

We will post various updates at this post throughout the morning (before work, during the buildup to the oncoming Nor’Easter).

Here are some fun results below: Percentages for New York State, Green Party, Congressional candidates. I am guessing that the tallies, and maybe even the percentages may go up as more results come in. Traditionally, the Board of Elections Workers are not as careful about reporting third party votes. And, in addition, Hurricane Sandy made voting in NYC and Long Island very difficult and wrought with paper ballots. So, in New York, I think we won’t have every vote counted for weeks.

One stand-out result in New York is Ursual Rozum for Congress on the Green Party line: She received 7.9%. That is an excellent showing for a third party candidate.

NY Races for Congress
Green Party results

6th District
Evergreen Chou – 1.2 %

8th District
Colin Beavan – 1.2%

9th District
V. Morgan – 1.4%

11th District
Hank Bardel – 1%

14th District
Tony Gronowicz – 1.8%

16th District
Joseph Diaferia – 1.2%

21st District
Don Hassig – 1.6%

24th District
Ursula Rozum – 7.9%

I happened to be watching the 3rd District Congressional race, which covers parts of Nassau County and Suffolk County. There was a Libertarian, Mike McDermott, who had been shut out of the Cablevision/News12 Long Island debates. Since I interviewed Mike McDermott at the Hofstra Presidential Debate protest, I just wanted to see how he did. So far, he is reported at .6%. And, as may have been expected, the Democrat won in that race.

Suffolk County Election Results at the Suffolk County Board of Elections: here.

Nassau County Election Results at the Nassau County Board of Elections: here.

New York City Board of Elections does not seem to have 2012 General Election Results posted yet. But, here is the NYC BOE link.

Third Party Candidates and Independent Candidates election results will be featured at: Independent Political Report (where Kimberly occasionally contributes)

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