New Date: Deputized Movie about Immigration in Farmingville on 11/23/13

The movie Deputized will be shown on November 9th  23rd at 6pm by the Farmingville Residents Association  I will be speaking for 2 minutes at the screening.


I will be speaking for 2 minutes at the screening because footage I took of the “Standing While Latino” legislation hearings were used in the film.



A discussion for another day: Listening to Dr. King’s sermons I heard him call out northern African-American for not sticking together as their Southern counterparts did during the 381 day Montgomery Bus Boycott.  I realized we need to have a similar discussion in Suffolk County. I was reminded of the absolute failure of the Latino community in Suffolk County to stand up to Levy’s racist rhetoric when he first ran for County Executive as a Democrat. Kimberly & I offered to help a candidate from the Lationo community speaking about love to run on a third party line to counter the hate-filled rhetoric.  The Latino community refused because levy was a Democrat, and the Democratic Party is too closely tied to the funding sources of Latino nonprofits.


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