Groundhog Predictions for Winter/Spring 2015

What has the groundhog said about 6 more weeks of winter? Below and at the readmore are 4 groundhogs we keep an eye on, plus a link to more at

Punxsutawney Phil from Pennsylvania says: YES, six more weeks of winter.
Phil seems to be the most famous groundhog.

Holtsville Hall says: YES, six more weeks of winter.
Holtsville is in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY
And, by the way, the ceremony had to be canceled this year due to snow and ice.

Malverne Mel says: YES, six more weeks of winter.
Malverne is in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. This year’s ceremony had been relocated due to weather.

Staten Island Chuck says: No long winter. Spring will come early.

For more groundhog predictions, perhaps one in your area, check out:’s article: Top 11 Groundhogs to Watch: here


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