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    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? eBook on Amazon

    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? eBook

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Welcome to Boog City 8.5 Fest 2/14/15-2/15/15

Welcome to Boog City 8.5 poetry, music, and theater festivalSaturday., February 14 – Sunday. February 15, 2014, Boog City will be putting on their annual winter event, Welcome to Boog City 8.5 poetry, music, theater, and film festival. It will feature 46 poets, 12 musical acts, 4 short films, 1 poets theater play, and 1 d.a. levy lives visiting press over the two days.

You can view the web-only color pdf version of Boog City’s Welcome to Boog City program issue here:


The New Yorker listing

TimeOut listing

replete with: 

*The full schedule illustrated with performer pics, bios, and urls.

*Music editor Jesse Statman on festival performers Chicken Leg and The Grasping Straws.

*Small press editor Bruce Covey interviews Sean Shearer, founder and editor in chief of d.a. levy lives visiting press, Boaat Press.

*Covey also gets Micropress New Year’s Resolutions from festival readers JoAnna Novak of Tammy; Curtis Perdue of inter/rupture; MC Hyland, Anna Gurton-Wachter, and Jeff Peterson of DoubleCross; and Nathan Hoks of Convulsive Editions.

*Printed matter editor Christine Hamm on works by festival poets Bruce Covey and Andrew Levy.

*Our poetry editor Buck Downs brings us new work from fest poets Marion Bell and Alicia Puglionese.

*And film editor Joel Schlemowitz dissects his films screening at the festival.

Thanks to Jessy Randall for the festival’s logo; and for booking the music, our incoming music editor Jesse Statman; the classic album, Todd Carlstrom; and selecting the poets, Mel Bentley, Christophe Casamassima, JenMarie Macdonald, Travis Macdonald, and Joe Pan, along with myself.

Among the festival highlights are:

—our d.a. levy lives series continues its 12th season featuring Amherst, Mass.’ Boaat Press;

—our 46th Classic Album Live show, Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks at 40;

—Poetry Talk Talk, featuring Bruce Covey and Lee Ann Roripaugh reading and in conversation;

—short films from Joel Schlemowitz;

—and a Poets’ Theater piece from Martha King.

The full schedule for the event is below this note, followed by performer bios and websites.

If you need any additional information you can reach me at 212-842-BOOG (2664) or editor@boogcity.com.


Welcome to Boog City 8.5 festival
2 Days of Poetry, Music, Theater, and Film

SATURDAY, FEB. 14, 11:30 A.M.

Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave.
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

$5 suggested

11:30 a.m.  Neesa Sunar (music)
12:00 p.m.  Jessica Rogers
12:10 p.m.  Roxanne Hoffman
12:20 p.m.  Allison Adair
12:30 p.m.  Jean-Paul Pecqueur
12:40 p.m.  Jacob Bennett
12:55 p.m.  Susan Lewis
1:05 p.m.  Brian Fitzpatrick
1:20 p.m.  Arlo Quint
1:30 p.m.  The Grasping Straws

2:00 p.m.  Break

2:20 p.m.  James Bellflower
2:35 p.m.  MC Hyland
2:45 p.m.  Hassen Saker
3:00 p.m.  Jena Osman

3:15 p.m.  d.a. levy lives: celebrating renegade presses series
Boaat Press (Amherst, Mass.)
John Ebersole
Brenda Iijima
JoAnna Novak
Curtis Perdue

music from
Jake Klar

3:15 p.m. readings
3:45 p.m. Jake Klar (music)
4:05 p.m. readings
4:35 p.m. Klar (music)

4:45 p.m.  break

5:15 p.m.  Jason Koo
5:25 p.m.  Zach Savich
5:35 p.m.  Elizabeth Savage
5:45 p.m.  Wanda Phipps
5:55 p.m.  Iris Cushing
6:05 p.m.  Oki Sogumi
6:20 p.m.  Matthew Rohrer
6:30 p.m.  Tim Paggi
6:40 p.m.  Caroline Cotto (music), first set
6:55 p.m.  Marion Bell
7:05 p.m.  Daniel Remein
7:20 p.m.  Alicia Puglionesi
7:30 p.m.  Hilary Plum
7:45 p.m.  Andrew Dieck
7:55 p.m.  Kate Colby
8:05 p.m.  Cotto (music), second set

SUNDAY, FEB. 15, 11:30 A.M.

Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave.

$5 suggested

11:30 a.m.  Chicken Leg
12:00 p.m.  Reed Smith
12:10 p.m.  Nicholas Deboer
12:20 p.m.  Ian Davisson
12:35 p.m.  Jackie Wang
12:45 p.m.  Brandon Holmquest
1:00 p.m.  Alex Norelli (music)
1:30 p.m.  Ana Božičević
1:40 p.m.  Tim Leonido
1:50 p.m.  Matt Miller
2:00 p.m.  Jaclyn Sadicario
2:15 p.m.  Mitali Routh
2:30 p.m.  Joohyun Kim

SUNDAY, FEB. 15, 5:30 P.M.

Sidewalk Cafe
94 Avenue A

$5 suggested

5:30 p.m. Debora Kuan
5:40 p.m. Andrew Levy
5:50 p.m. Eduardo C. Corral
6:00 p.m. Bruce Andrews
6:10 p.m. Brenda Coultas
6:20 p.m. Martha King, Rants
6:35 p.m. Joel Schlemowitz films
—Chimera. Illusions made manifest through light and shadow.
—In Springtime. The change of seasons, in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.
—Camera Roll. A camera roll city cine-poem, filmed in Brooklyn in the vicinity of the Gowanus Canal.
—For Adolfas. In memory of Adolfas Mekas.
6:55 p.m. John Simonelli (music)
7:25 p.m. Poetry Talk Talk
Bruce Covey and Lee Ann Roripaugh reading and in conversation
8:25 p.m.

Boog City’s Classic Album Live Series presents
Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks at 40

Maynard & the Musties
“Tangled Up in Blue”
“Simple Twist of Fate”

Little Cobweb
“You’re A Big Girl Now”
“Idiot Wind”

Trouble Dolls
“You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go”
“Meet Me in the Morning”

Todd Carlstrom
“Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts”
“If You See Her, Say Hello”

Amish Trivedi
“Shelter from the Storm”
“Buckets of Rain”

Physical copies of this issue, Boog City 97, are available Sat. Feb. 7 at the below drop spots at the end of this post.

to Boog City 8.5 Bios and Websites**

Classic Albums Live,
Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks at 40

**Todd Carlstrom
Todd is a longtime Boog album night regular and the happy curator of tonight’s Bob Dylan tribute. He’s played in various groups in New York City since the mid-nineties, but finally went solo in 2007 with his album “Gold on the Map”. Buy it if you like music that rocks out while stealthily examining love, aging, and dying dreams.

**Little Cobweb
Little Cobweb is the musical project of Brooklyn-based artist Angela Carlucci. She began performing in NYC in 2001 in the band The Baby Skins. Little Cobweb plays revealing songs of heartbreak, loss, and new love accompanied by delicate guitar work.

**Maynard & The Musties
[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=3958055179 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]
Joe Maynard is a singer-songwriter and the Musties are friends who play with him. They’ve played around NYC roughly a decade. They’ve just put out their 4th release, Fall On In, 12-songs, produced by Eric Ambel.

**The Trouble Dolls .5
[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=1144193408 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]
Harmonizing since 2001, Cheri and Pam are the femme half of the pop group The Trouble Dolls. They are also members of the record-in-a-weekend-club music collective 29 Hour Music People, whose third release is set to hit the airwaves this summer. By day, Cheri does graphic design-y things, and Pam does web develop-y things. They are thrilled to be performing for the Bob Dylan Tribute night.

**Amish Trivedi
Amish Trivedi is a poet, mostly, whose first book, Sound/Chest, is out now from Annual Books, an imprint of Coven Press. He writes reviews and other things, but started as a songwriter and kept at it until he went bald.

levy lives: celebrating renegade presses series

**Boaat Press
Boaat Press is a poetry chapbook and photography monograph publisher based out of Amherst, Mass., and a quarterly online journal of poetry and photography. They’re listed on Entropy magazine’s, “Best of the Best 2014: Publishers, Journals, Magazines, Presses.”

**John Ebersole
John Ebersole is the poetry editor for The Philadelphia Review of Books, and his work has either appeared and disappeared or is soon to appear in Bateau, Coldfront, HTML GIANT, Octopus, Southern Humanities Review, storySouth, and The Battersea Review, and died elsewhere.

**Brenda Iijima
Brenda Iijima’s involvements occur at the often unnameable conjunctions and mutations of poetry, choreography, research movement, animal studies, speculative non-fiction, care-giving, and forlorn histories. Untimely Death is Driven Beyond the Horizon, a full-length collection of poetry was published by 1913 Press in 2014. She is also the publisher of Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs and recently published the 50th book from the press.

**Jake Klar
Though Jake Klar’s music is based upon American roots traditions, it cannot be considered merely folk or Americana. What you will discover is a melting pot of styles that surface into a purely modern reincarnation of folk music. For Jake Klar, this rebirth is a spiritual connection of the old American soul with the new American heart, speckled with the grit and energy of the blues and poetic songwriting of Dylan and Springsteen. It’s part of the new Americana synergy that infuses rock and pop sensibilities with folk honesty and purity.
Klar’s latest offering, Crescent St. Blues, is a collection of songs inspired by a four-year journey through the contemporary American landscape. It explores the inner workings of everyday characters trying to find their way in an ever-changing world. It speaks of humanity and hardships, love and happiness, and searching for the good within the bad. It’s a record about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and getting right back in the fight.

**JoAnna Novak
JoAnna Novak is the Pushcart-Prize-nominated author of three chapbooks: Two Fats and a Virtue (winner of the Slash Pine Press 2014 Spring Contest), Laps (Another New Calligraphy), and Something Real (dancing girl press). A finalist for the 2014 Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction and a nominee for Best of the Net 2014, her writing has recently appeared in BOMB, DIAGRAM, Guernica, Joyland, The Nervous Breakdown, and The Rumpus. A founding editor of Tammy, she lives in Massachusetts, where she is working on a novel.

**Curtis Perdue
Curtis Perdue is the author of two chapbooks, We’re Happy Our Original Dance (forthcoming from Zoo Cake Press) and You Will Island (H_NGM_N Books). He teaches and edits inter|rupture.


**Allison Adair
Allison Adair’s poems have appeared in The Boston Globe, the anthology Hacks, the braille-photography exhibit Twice Seen, and Mid-American Review, where she was the winner of the 2014 Fineline Competition. A 2016 Pushcart Prize nominee and a contributing editor at The Brooklyn Quarterly, she teaches writing at Boston College and Grub Street.

**Bruce Andrews
Bruce Andrews is an experimental poet, performance writer, literary theorist, and recently retired (after 38 years) left-wing political science professor. As musical director for Sally Silvers & Dancers, he has created sound designs and, in performance, live mixes of music and text for over two decades of performances.
Most recent of a dozen or so big books is You Can’t Have Everything… Where Would You Put It!, followed by a chapbook, Yessified (Sally’s Edit) to help celebrate the 2012 Andrews Symposium and expanded web archive, with links to interviews, performance texts, poetry, collaborations, and critical essays on his work at the above url.

**James Belflower
James Belflower is a Ph.D. candidate in contemporary poetry and poetics at SUNY Albany, researching artists who intervene in Postmodern declarations of the “end of intimacy” by reassessing how sensory relationships complement new experiences of materiality, affect, and collectivity. He is the author of The Posture of Contour / A Public Primer (Spring Gun Press), Commuter (Instance Press), and Bird Leaves the Cornice, winner of the 2011 Spring Gun Press Chapbook Prize. His work appears, or is forthcoming in Aufgabe, Fence, and New American Writing, among others. He co-curates the Yes! Poetry and Performance Series in Albany, N.Y.

**Marion Bell
Marion Bell is a poet who lives in Philadelphia. She has written a chapbook called The Abjector and a manuscript titled You People (both of which she can email you as pdfs). You can find some of her poems in Bedfellows, Edwin Johns, Elective Affinities, Jupiter 88, and Maestra Vida. She’s doing some new writing under the working title of Austerity/Austerities. She is excited to ride the bus to Toronto.

**Jacob Bennett
Jacob Bennett is a 6-foot-5, 275-pound offensive tackle from Lebanon, Ohio. He is ranked 2328 in the country by 247Sports. Bennett is the 123rd recruit in Ohio and is the 203rd offensive tackle in the nation. Bennett has a 247Sports rating of 73, making him a 2-star prospect. He has committed to the Bowling Green Falcons. Poet Jacob A. Bennett is a different person, though.

**Ana Božičević
Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Božičević emigrated to New York City in 1997 and studied at Hunter College. She is the author of several chapbooks, including Morning News and Document. Her first book-length collection, Stars of the Night Commute was a Lambda Literary Award finalist, and her second book Rise in the Fall won a Lambda Literary Award.

**Chicken Leg
Chicken Leg was born on a Saturday night, and spent five carefree years till being put in the system, and there subjected to its warping and twisting, resulting in the creature that exists today. Raised in the Midwest, entering transitional phase out West, and fetching up in the East, he now enjoys some success as a solo performer, frontman of The Dick Jokes, and bass player with Badavocado. He aims to enjoy associations with these wonderful musicians and artists in this very rich scene, and to bring them wider attention. On this matter, he’s a bit evangelistic in his enthusiasm.

**Kate Colby
Kate Colby is the author of six books of poetry, including Blue Hole and I Mean, forthcoming from Furniture Press and Ugly Duckling Presse, respectively, in 2015. Fruitlands won the Norma Farber First Book Award in 2007. She is a founding board member of the Gloucester Writers Center in Massachusetts, and is based in Providence, where she was a 2012 fellow of the Rhode Island State Council for the Arts. Recent work has appeared in Aufgabe, La Vague, 6×6, and The Volta.

**Eduardo C. Corral
Eduardo C. Corral is a CantoMundo fellow. His poems have appeared in Best American Poetry 2012, Beloit Poetry Journal, Huizache, Jubilat, New England Review, Ploughshares, Poetry, Poetry Northwest, and Quarterly West. His work has been honored with a “Discovery”/The Nation Award, the J. Howard and Barbara M. J. Wood Prize from Poetry, and writing residencies to the MacDowell Colony and Yaddo. Slow Lightning, his first book of poems, was selected by Carl Phillips as the 2011 winner of the Yale Series of Younger Poets competition. The recipient of a Whiting Writers’ Award and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, he lives in Rego Park, Queens, and taught at Columbia University in the spring 2013.

**Caroline Cotto
Caroline Cotto is a singer/songwriter, guitarist and poet from Westchester, N.Y. She is a music major and French/creative writing minor at New York University, and performs regularly at the East Village landmark Sidewalk Cafe. Her music is blues-inspired with a blend of poetry. Recently, she performed with guitar legend Gary Lucas at the venue Baby’s All Right, for a Jeff Buckley Tribute concert, and will continue to collaborate with him on future projects.

**Brenda Coultas
Brenda Coultas is the author of The Tatters, a collection of poetry, recently published by Wesleyan University Press, and she is a contributing fiction editor at Black and Grey. Her other books include The Marvelous Bones of Time and A Handmade Museum from Coffee House Press. She has received a New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship and a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council residency. Her poetry can be found in the Denver Quarterly, The Brooklyn Rail, and Witness. This year she is a mentor in the Emerge-Surface-Be program sponsored by The Poetry Project and The Jerome Foundation.

**Bruce Covey
Bruce Covey’s sixth book of poetry, Change Machine, was published by Noemi Press last year.  He lives in Atlanta, where he publishes and edits Coconut magazine and Coconut Books and curates the What’s New in Poetry reading series.

**Iris Cushing
Iris Cushing is a poet, performer and editor living in Queens. She is the author of Wyoming (Furniture Press Books, 2013). Her poems and critical writings have appeared in the Boston Review, Jacket2, Bomblog, Hyperallergic, and Barrelhouse, among others. Iris has been a writer-in-residence at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, her former home, and is currently a Process Space resident through the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. She is a founding editor for Argos Books and studies in the Ph.D. program in English at the CUNY Graduate Center.

**Ian Davisson
Ian Davisson is studying occupational therapy in Philadelphia, focusing on medical and body narratives. He also teaches English classes as an adjunct at Temple University and the University of the Arts. He has some recent work in Bedfellows and Little Red Leaves. He helped organize the Temple University adjuncts for the recent unionizing effort, and hopes that the mission will be complete by the time this bio is read in public.

**Nicholas Deboer
Nicholas DeBoer is a poet, collagist, activist, and chaos magician living in NYC.  He is the author of many chapbooks and broadsides, as well as a co-editor for Elderly with Jamie Townsend and Cheer + Hope Press with Geoffrey Olsen. He also is a member of the Potlatch Discordian Network, a magickal organization operating out of Ridgely, Md. Currently he is prepping “The Singes,” the first in his epic arc “The Slip,” for publication. He is also, also most certainly alive.

**Andrew Dieck
Andrew Dieck is a poet from Philadelphia. His poetry has appeared in Gerry Mulligan, The Bard Papers, The Death and Life of American Cities, and The West Wind Review. He is an editor at O’clock Press.

**Brian Fitzpatrick
Brian Fitzpatrick lives and teaches in Washington, D.C., where he writes poetry and comedy pieces. His work has appeared in print and online in places like Rattle and on D.C.’s Pink Line Project and Fanzine.

**Roxanne Hoffman
Roxanne Hoffman worked on Wall Street and now answers a patient hotline. Her words can be found in cyberspace (IndieFeed: Performance Poetry, Pedestal Magazine, New Verse News); set to music (David Morneau’s Love Songs); on the silver screen (2005 indie flick Love and the Vampire); in print (Soft Skull Press’ The Bandana Republic: A Literary Anthology by Gang Members and Their Affiliates, and Harper Perennial’s It All Changed in an Instant: More Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure). She and Jack Cooper run Poets Wear Prada. Her elegiac poem “In Loving Memory,” illustrated by Edward Odwitt, was released in 2011.

**Brandon Holmquest
Brandon Holmquest writes poems and sometimes translates them too, though not as much as he used to. Relevant publications under the auspices of Truck Books, Ugly Duckling, Calque, Asymptote, Bedfellows, Ghostwriters of Delphi, Mad House. Lives in Philadelphia.

**MC Hyland
MC Hyland holds MFAs in poetry and book arts from the University of Alabama and is working toward a Ph.D. in English Literature at New York University. A former director of adult and artist programs at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, she is the author of several poetry chapbooks and the poetry collection Neveragainland (Lowbrow Press) and the co-editor, with Jeff Peterson, of DoubleCross Press. Her current research focuses on walking as a utopian practice in Romantic and post-WWII poetics, and her current studio practice focuses on typesetting as labor and meditation.

**Joohyun Kim
Joohyun Kim is a feminist Korean-American poet, writer, electronic musician, and visual artist from Florida living in Philly. Her new chapbook Rhizomes is available from Birds of Lace.

**Martha King, Rants
Six characters don’t care where “the author” is, they each have a bone to pick with the world!
Martha King attended Black Mountain College briefly as a teenager, and married the painter Basil King in 1958. They have lived in Brooklyn since 1969 and have two daughters and four grandchildren. Before retiring in 2011, Martha worked day jobs as an editor and science writer. Her recent books are Imperfect Fit: Selected Poems (Marsh Hawk Press), and the short story collection North & South (Spuyten Duyvil Publishing). She co-curates a prose reading series with Elinor Nauen at the Sidewalk Cafe and blogs irregularly at the above blog url.
Lee Ann Brown, publisher, teacher, and poet, divides her time between New York City and Marshall, N.C., where she directs French Broad Institute (of Time & the River) poetry and arts programs. Mike DeCapite’s published work includes the novel Through the Windshield, the chapbook Creamsicle Blue, and the short-prose collection Radiant Fog. • Mitch Highfill’s latest book of poetry is Moth Light (Abraham Lincoln Books).

**Jason Koo
Jason Koo is the author of two collections of poetry, America’s Favorite Poem and Man on Extremely Small Island (both C&R Press), the latter winner of the De Novo Poetry Prize and the Asian American Writers’ Workshop Members’ Choice Award for the best Asian American book of 2009. He has published his poetry and prose in numerous journals, including the Missouri Review, North American Review, and Yale Review, and won fellowships for his work from The National Endowment for the Arts, Vermont Studio Center, and The New York State Writers Institute. An assistant professor of English at Quinnipiac University, Koo is also the founder and executive director of Brooklyn Poets, a nonprofit organization celebrating and cultivating the poets, poetry, and literary heritage of Brooklyn, where he lives in the Williamsburg section.

**Debora Kuan
Debora Kuan is the author of XING (Saturnalia Books). She has recently been awarded residencies at Yaddo and MacDowell, and had poems and fiction published in Brooklyn Rail, Buenos Aires Review, HTMLGiant, Hyperallergic, The Awl, The Baffler, The Iowa Review, and elsewhere. She is a director at the College Board and also a senior editor at Brooklyn Arts Press. She lives in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

**Tim Leonido
Timothy Leonido is a writer and musician. His work has appeared in Gauss PDF, Lateral Addition, and The Paris Review. New work is forthcoming in Triple Canopy. He lives in Queens and teaches business English.

**Andrew Levy
Andrew Levy’s recent titles include Don’t Forget to Breathe (Chax Press), Nothing Is in Here (EOAGH), and Cracking Up (Truck Books). Memories of My Father was published in a private edition by Innerer Klang. He is a contributor to the President of the United Hearts’ The Big Melt (Factory School), author of Ashoka (Zasterle Books), Paper Head Last Lyrics (Roof Books), Values Chauffeur You (O Books), and other titles. Levy published Crayon with Roberto Harrison from 1997-2008.

**Susan Lewis
Susan Lewis lives in Greenwich Village and edits Posit. Her most recent books are This Visit (BlazeVOX ), How to Be Another (Červená Barva Press), and State of the Union (Spuyten Duyvil Press). Her work is forthcoming or has recently appeared in such places as The Awl, Boston Review, The Brooklyn Rail, Dusie, EOAGH, Gargoyle, Otoliths, Ping Pong, Propeller, Raritan, Seneca Review, and Verse.

**Matt Miller
Matt Miller is a native of Long Beach, Calif., who now lives in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. He is the author of Collage of Myself: Walt Whitman and the Making of Leaves of Grass. His poems have appeared in Denver Quarterly, Jacket, Verse, Volt, and other journals.

**Alex Norelli
Alex Norelli (Axel Rat) is a poet, visual artist, and musician. He is also an avid postcard maker and founder of the Post-Art Poetry Project. In addition to AntiFolk, he has begun forays into Noise and Electronic music under the name Rat Grease.

**Jena Osman
Jena Osman’s books of poems include Corporate Relations (Burning Deck Press), Public Figures (Wesleyan University Press), The Network (Fence Books, selected for the National Poetry Series in 2009), An Essay in Asterisks (Roof Books), and The Character (Beacon Press, winner of the 1998 Barnard New Women Poets Prize). She teaches at Temple University in Philadelphia, where she is the director of the creative writing M.F.A. program.

**Tim Paggi
Tim Paggi is a poet, playwright, and performer. He is the author of Work Ethic, a poetry book out from InkPress Productions. Recent publications appear or are forthcoming in miiadden, Big Lucks, Electric Literature, Potluck, and Proliferate. His plays have been performed by Baltimore Annex Theater, Single Carrot Theatre, UnSaddest Factory, and more.

**Jean-Paul Pecqueur
Jean-Paul Pecqueur’s first book was titled The Case Against Happiness. A chapbook, To Embrace Sea Monsters, was recently published by Greying Ghost Press. He teaches creative writing to fine arts students at the Pratt Institute and lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

**Wanda Phipps
Wanda Phipps is a writer/performer living in Kensington, Brooklyn, the author of Field of Wanting: Poems of Desire (BlazeVOX), Wake-Up Calls: 66 Morning Poems (Soft Skull Press), Your Last Illusion or Break Up Sonnets (Situations), Lunch Poems (Boog Literature), and the Faux Press issued e-chapbook After the Mishap and CD-Rom Zither Mood.

**Hilary Plum
Hilary Plum is the author of the novel They Dragged Them Through the Streets (FC2). She is fiction editor with Burnside Review and a book-review editor with the Kenyon Review. With Zach Savich she edits Rescue Press’s Open Prose Series.

**Alicia Puglionesi
Alicia Puglionesi can be found in and around Baltimore. Her new chapbook with Furniture Press is Views from the National Forests.

**Arlo Quint
Arlo Quint is the author of Death to Explosions (Skysill Press).

**Daniel C. Remein
Daniel C. Remein is the author of the chapbook Pearl, recently reprinted by eth Press in Cotton Nero A.x. Selections from longer works have been featured relatively recently in the journals LIT and TAG. Remein is a co-founding-editor of the Organism for Poetic Research, editor of the magazine Whiskey & Fox, and is working on a monograph tentatively titled Beowulf and the Berkeley Renaissance. He recently moved from Brooklyn to Boston, where he teaches medieval literature and poetics as an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

**Matthew Rohrer
Matthew Rohrer is the author of several books of poem, most recently Surrounded by Friends, published by Wave Books. He lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn and teaches at NYU.

**Jessica Rogers
Jessica Rogers writes poetry/prose/essays and conducts experiments with Polaroids. By day, she teaches composition, literature, and creative writing at Bronx Community College, CUNY. Current projects include a performance piece entitled The ball and a corresponding manuscript, The ball: TRANSLATIONS, as well as work on a manifesto toward an Occupied Poetics. Works can be read in Brooklyn Paramount, Poems from Penny Lane (Farfalla Press, 2003), Summer Stock #8 (Livestock Editions), The Brooklyn Rail, and the chapbook Hot Water (Cy Gist Press), among others.

**Lee Ann Roripaugh
Lee Ann Roripaugh is the author of four volumes of poetry: Dandarians (Milkweed, Editions), On the Cusp of a Dangerous Year and Year of the Snake (both Southern Illinois University Press), and Beyond Heart Mountain (Penguin Books). She is a professor of English at the University of South Dakota, where she serves as director of creative writing and editor-in-chief of South Dakota Review.

**Mitali Routh
Mitali Routh is an artist, scholar, and poet living in Durham, N.C.. She received her B.A. from Oberlin College and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the department of art, art history and visual studies at Duke University, where she is completing her dissertation on the sculpture, performance, and film work of American artist Matthew Barney. She is the author of essays on human vs. animal nature in conceptual art; the history of photographic self-portraiture; and many unpublished poems. In addition to these projects, Routh swims laps, whispers cats, shoots photos, and writes love letters to the invisible. Her hair will be a different color next week.

**Jaclyn Sadicario
Jaclyn Sadicario, originally from New York, is a Philadelphia poet. She is the co-editor of bedfellows, a small, Philadelphia based literary magazine focused on intimacy and relationships, which she co-edits alongside Alina Pleskova. The second issue of bedfellows was released in print June 2014 and is hosted at the above url. The third issue, slotted for winter 2014/2015, may have been released by the time of this reading. Her work can be found in a recent pizza poem anthology entitled ‘By the Slice’ released in August 2014 from Spooky Girlfriend Press, trinity review, and mad house, among other places. If you want to see more of her work, offer to publish her manuscript or talk to her.

**Hassen Saker
Hassen Saker creates and performs transmedia poetry with texts, photography, video, and sound. She’s also a small business owner and documentary filmmaker. Saker has lived throughout the U.S. and currently resides in the Philadelphia area. Her poetry triptych, Sky Journal, is now available from Dusie Press.

**Elizabeth Savage
Elizabeth Savage is author of Jane & Paige or Sister Goose, Grammar, and Idylliad (forthcoming), all from Furniture Press Books. The fall 2014 issue of Verse features her dossier-chapbook of 26 poems, Woman Looking at a Vase of Flowers. Her poetry reviews appear in Jacket2 and in Kestrel: A Journal of Literature & Art, for which she serves as poetry editor. Identifying primarily as a feminist scholar, Savage has published articles on modernist and contemporary writers in journals, such as  Contemporary Women’s Writing, Journal of Modern Literature, and Tulsa Studies. Currently, she is completing a chapter for the Cambridge History of 20th Century American Women Poets.

**Zach Savich
Zach Savich is the author of the poetry collections Full Catastrophe Living (University of Iowa Press), Annulments (Center for Literary Publishing), The Firestorm (CSU Poetry Center), and Century Swept Brutal (Black Ocean). His work has received the Iowa Poetry Prize, the Colorado Prize for Poetry, and the Cleveland State University Poetry Center’s Open Award, among other honors. He teaches in the B.F.A. program for creative writing at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and he co-edits Rescue Press’s Open Prose Series.

**Joel Schlemowitz
Joel Schlemowiitz is an experimental filmmaker based in Park Slope, Brooklyn. He was the recipient of Puffin Foundation grant in 2013. Screenings include Millennium Film Workshop, Anthology Film Archives, Experimental Response Cinema, and Northwest Film Forum. Screenings of his films have included The New York Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, and Tribeca Film Festival. His work has received awards from the Chicago Underground Film Festival and elsewhere. Shows of installation artworks include Anthology Film Archives and Microscope Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Schlemowitz writes about experimental film for the poetry and arts community newspaper Boog City. He is working on a feature-length experimental documentary on 78 records.

**Oki Sogumi
Oki Sogumi was born in Seoul, Korea and resides in Philadelphia. She is the author of The Island of Natural History (forthcoming from Publication Studio), and a chapbook, Salt Wedge. Her poetry has been included in 11×11, HiZero (UK), LIES Journal, and appears in little boxes on the internet sometimes.

**John Simonelli
Without question, John Simonelli is one of the most versatile guitarists and songwriters to come out of Brooklyn. Now living in Rockaway and director at Rockaway Artists Alliance, the revered guitarist continues to burn with unbridled passion on the guitar and with his earnest lyrics. He has amassed a catalog of recordings that’s staggering for its sheer output, uncompromising artistry, and diversity. His independent solo releases Hard Miles and Time Looking Back had John taking on all instrumentation and vocals. He’s performing as a solo artist and has just released a self-titled CD, Simonelli.

**Reed Smith
Reed Smith’s first poetry chapbook is forthcoming from Brooklyn Arts Press. He attended the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and lives with his wife in South Florida.

**Neesa Sunar
Neesa Sunar is a classically-trained violist. Despite having a degree in performance from a prominent conservatory, she now expresses herself by writing songs with guitar. Her musical style is deeply influenced by classical chord progressions and melodies, and her pensive lyrical writing is influenced by the librettist W. S. Gilbert. She has been a part of the AntiFolk scene for the past three years. During the day, she works as a mental health specialist.

**The Grasping Straws
The Grasping Straws formed in the summer of 2012. The group has been featured in the AntiFolk Festival at the Sidewalk Cafe, The NYC New Music Festival at The Bowery Electric, and has performed at many other venues spanning Manhattan and Brooklyn. In July 2014, the Straws went on their first U.S. tour with NYC-based musician Cannonball Statman. The group is also finishing their first album, which was recorded in an analog studio in Woodstock, N.Y. with Basement Floods Records in association with Jon Hildenstein. It will be released in January 2015, followed by a second U.S. tour.

**Jackie Wang
Jackie Wang is a queer poet, essayist, filmmaker, performer, and prison abolitionist based out of Cambridge, Mass. Her work has been published in Action Yes, Delirious Hem, DIAGRAM, LIES, Pank, October, The Brooklyn Rail, the Semiotext(e) Whitney Biennial Pamphlet Series, and other worthy outlets. She is at work on a book or two. If you summon her, she will come: loneberry@gmail.com. Follow her on twitter @LoneberryWang.



Boog City drop points


East Village
Sunshine Theater * 143 E. Houston St.  (bet. 1st & 2nd Avenues)
Bluestockings * 172 Allen St.  (bet. Stanton & Rivington sts.)
Pianos * 158 Ludlow St.  (bet. Stanton and Rivington sts.)
Cake Shop * 152 Ludlow  St. (bet. Stanton and Rivington sts.)
Think Coffee * 1 Bleecker St. (@ Bowery)
Trash and Vaudeville (upstairs) * 4 St. Mark’s Pl.  (bet. 2nd & 3rd aves.)
Anthology Film Archives * 32 Second Ave.  (bet. 1st & 2nd sts.)
Sidewalk Café * 94 Avenue A  (bet. 6th & 7th sts.)
Nuyorican Poets Café *  236 E. 3rd St.  (bet. Avenues B & C)
St. Mark’s Books * 136 E. 3rd St. (bet. 1st Avenue and Avenue A)
St. Mark’s Church * 131 E.10th St.  (bet. 2nd & 3rd aves.)

Lower Manhattan
Other Music * 15 E. 4th St.  (bet. Broadway & Lafayette St.)
Angelika Film Center * 18 W. Houston St.  (bet. Broadway & Mercer St.)
Think Coffee * 248 Mercer St.  (bet. W. 4th and W. 3rd sts.)
Mercer Street Books * 206 Mercer St.  (bet. Bleecker & Houston sts.)
McNally Jackson * 52 Prince St. (bet. Mulberry & Lafayette sts.)


Matchless * 557 Manhattan Ave. (bet. Nassau and Driggs aves.)
Enid’s * 560 Manhattan Ave. (bet. Nassau and Driggs aves.)
Thai Café * 925 Manhattan Ave. (bet. Kent St. & Greenpoint Ave.)
Champion Coffee * 1108 Manhattan Ave. (bet. Clay & DuPont sts.)

Sideshow Gallery * 319 Bedford Ave.  (bet. S.2nd & S.3rd sts.)
Catswall * 305 Bedford Ave.  (bet. S.1st & S.2nd sts.)
Spoonbill & Sugartown * 218 Bedford Ave.  (bet. N.4th & N.5th sts.)
Public Assembly * 70 North 6th St. (bet. Wythe & Kent aves.)    50
Bliss Café * 191 Bedford Ave.  (bet. N.6th & N.7th sts.)
Spike Hill * 184 Bedford Ave.  (bet. N.6th & N.7th sts.)
Soundfix/Fix Cafe * 44 Berry St. (bet. N.11th & N.12th sts.)

Prospect Heights
Unnameable Books * 600 Vanderbilt Ave. (bet. Prospect Place/St. Marks Avenue)

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